What clothes should I bring


The Dominican Republic has warm sunny weather all-year-round. But it does get chilly in the morning and evenings from November to March, whether in the city or in the mountains, so packing in layers is key. You should bring light cotton or linen clothing for warm weather, aside from swimwear, a light cardigan, pants, and a light jacket. Even if staying at a resort, make sure you pack a dressy outfit for special occasions, or to dine in upscale restaurants. If you are staying in Santo Domingo, bring your regular city clothes, as well as a couple of dressy options. If you go to a National Theater performance, for instance, you will need a jacket, and no jeans are allowed. In addition, if you are visiting churches or certain national monuments and museums, you may not be able to enter if you are in shorts or mini skirts. Some government offices will not admit you with a sleeveless shirt or without closed footwear.

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