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La Vega has gained its place in the book of tourism for the colors and sights of its Sunday carnivals in February. It is the capital of the province where the mountain vacation destinations of Jarabacoa and Constanza are located. It is also center for the veneration of the patron virgin of the Dominican Republic, Our Lady of Mercedes. But before you head into the surrounding mountains, take time to get to experience this hospitable city.

The Cibao International Airport (STI) is the closest airport for those headed to La Vega.

Jun 27 - Jun 29

Caribbean Tourism Exchange (BTC)

Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino
The Caribbean Tourism Exchange (BTC) will be held at the Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino in Sant...
Jun 27 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Ruta de Recitales Ambulatorios – Koribe 2019

Colonial City
The Ministry of Culture presents the Koribe Chamber Choir in its second edition of the Route of Reci...
Jun 27 @ 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

XX Santo Domingo Jazz Festival 2019

Casa de Teatro
The Santo Domingo Jazz Festival at Casa de Teatro will be held from June 6 until July 25. This will ...


Attractions in La vega 


La Vega Carnival

Consider visiting in February to take part in the outstanding La Vega Carnival. Every year an estimated half a million people flock to the city of La Vega to watch the mischievous devils “diablo cojuelos” with their bloated pork bladders go after anyone who gets in their way. The colorful costumes, many costing thousands of dollars to make, are works of art in themselves.

La Vega, Iconic Sights

La Vega Dining

El Zaguán, Vega Mall and El Naranjo Restaurant serve Dominican food in town. Rarus Bar & Restaurant caters to visitors to the Santo Cerro Church. Thanks to La Vega’s rich farming tradition, you will never be disappointed by the selection and freshness of the vegetables available.

La Vega, Dining

La Vega Shopping

La Vega is a city with almost 400,000 inhabitants so expect all the basic conveniences to be available in the downtown area. Look for carnival souvenirs sold to the around half a million tourists who flock in from all around the country for the traditional festivities in February.

La Vega, Shopping

La Vega Vieja

Near Santo Cerro, discover the archeological ruins of the original town Christopher Columbus founded in 1494, classified as a national park. Archaeologists continue to study the excavated foundations of the old city once prosperous between 1505 and 1510.

Constanza, Jarabacoa, La Vega

Santo Cerro

Santo Cerro is one of the holiest sites in the country, home to the church Santuario Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes and site of an annual pilgrimage on September 24, when Dominicans from around the country flock here to pay tribute to the nation’s patron saint.

Constanza, Jarabacoa, La Vega

Visit Constanza

Constanza is a prime agricultural area in the center of the country, surrounded by four large national parks with the highest mountains in the Caribbean. Often called the Switzerland of the Caribbean, people visit this valley for its scenic mountain views and the cool weather all year round. Temperatures regularly drop to lows of around 50°F (10°C) from December to March.

La Vega, Excursions

Visit Jarabacoa

An easily accessible mountain resort area, Jarabacoa sits at an altitude of 1,736 feet (529 meters) and is a favorite with Santo Domingo residents seeking the cooler temperatures and mental relaxation provided by the panoramic views. It is ideal for adventure seekers with the best river rafting in the Caribbean, as well as mountain biking, canyoning, paragliding, rappelling and mountain trail horse riding. Jarabacoa is also the most popular gateway for excursions to the highest peak in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte. Large ranches cater to local and international tourists. While it has a good number of small hotels, Jarabacoa is mostly a vacation home destination. As a result, the town supermarkets are well stocked, and restaurants and prices are good.

La Vega, Excursions
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