Reaching El Limón waterfall is an adventure that takes you on a 2.5-kilometer (1.5-mile) journey through thick forest, on horseback or on foot down lush hilly terrain, while spotting flora and fauna along the way. You can also go canyoning through El Limón river to reach the falls. Native plants grow abundantly here in the wild, like the royal palm tree, and pineapples. Birds are also ubiquitous, like the palmchat–the DR’s national bird–the Hispaniolan woodpecker, and the Broad-billed tody. Once at the falls, marvel at the beauty of El Limón’s tumbling cascade–dropping 40 meters (130 feet) from the top of Sierra de Samaná. Cool off from the journey in the freshwater emerald pool beneath the falls, and take in the surrounding wild, jungle landscape and gushing sounds of El Limón.

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Other attractions in Samaná


Avenida de la Marina

The scenic Samaná Bay wins over every photographer’s eye. This seaside promenade is the heart and pulse of the town of Santa Bárbara de Samaná. Residents and visitors relax on shaded benches facing the bay waters to take in views of anchored boats, ready to whisk visitors and fishers.

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Catamaran Crossing & Snorkeling

Catamaran, diving excursion with snorkeling in the bay of Samaná. The catamaran anchors at Cayo Farola, well known for its diverse and colorful wildlife. Upon arrival at Cayo Levantado, there is time to swim in the turquoise waters off the beach and buy crafts from the gift shops.

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Discover Samaná

Visit the city of Samaná, including a stop at the village of Las Terrenas. Your friendly guide will tell you fascinating facts about the area on the way. La Churcha, a church built in about 1860, was brought in parts from England and reassembled piece by piece in Samaná. Later, you will visit the small whale museum, where you can learn about the mysteries of the humpback whale.

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Juana Vicente Ziplines

Ten zipline courses running a length of 1,750 meters (1,087 miles) across 20 platforms take you flying above the peninsula’s gorgeous landscapes. You’ll glide above rolling hills, dense tropical forests, and take in panoramic, distant views of Los Haitises National Park.

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