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Dining, Nightlife & Casinos

Bars and Restaurants


Some say our country's capital is the Caribbean New York, because Santo Domingo is a city that never sleeps.


Here it seems that people are always awake. Parties begin early with "happy hour," which continues on with dinner at amazing restaurants. People often finish their evenings late into the morning at our bars and discotheques. However, you should know that many bars outside of hotels have to close at midnight during the week, and at two in the morning during the weekend. Yet many bars will still allow the tourists to stay out as late as they would like.


Santo Domingo is a mecca of nightlife in the country. It has the greatest entertainment in the Caribbean, with trendy drinking establishments, bars, discotheques, casinos, restaurants, theaters and cinemas. In addition, Dominican beach resorts also offer a variety of musicals and shows of all kinds every evening.


Some restaurant options:


-Caffe Milano: avenida Tiradentes 11, Naco, 809-540-3000.


-Don Pepe: calle (street) Manuel de Js. Troncoso, Piantini, 809-563-4440.


-David Crockett: calle (street) G. Mejía Ricart 34, Naco, 809-547-2999


-Fellini: calle (street) Roberto Pastoriza 504, 809-540-5330


-Hard Rock Café: El Conde 103, Colonial City, 809-686-7771


-Il Capuccino: avenida Máximo Gómez 60, 809-689-8600.


-Juan Carlos: calle (street) G. Mejía Ricart 7, Naco, 809-368-5088


-La Briciola: Arz. Meriño 152-A, Colonial City, 809-688-5055


-Marocha: calle (street) G. Mejía Ricart 127,  Piantini, 809-473-4191


-La Marrana: calle (street) G. Mejía Ricart, Piantini, 809-381-0888


-Mesón de Bari: Hostos 302, Colonial City, 809-687-4091


-Mitre: avenida Abraham Lincoln 1001, Piantini, 809-472-2713


-Pat'e Palo: La Atarazana 25, Colonial City, 809-687-8089


-Peperoni: ave. Sarasota 14, Plaza Universitaria, 809-508-1330


-Saffron: calle (street) Roberto Pastoriza 64, Naco, 809-412-1414


-Season's: calle (street) Roberto Pastoriza 14, Naco, 809-412-2661


-Sofía: calle (street) Paseo de los Locutores, Piantini, 809-620-1001


-T.G.I. Fridays: ave. W. Churchill, Torre Acrópolis, 809-955-8443


-Tony Roma's: avenida Sarasota 29, Bella Vista, 809-535-5454



Some bar, cafe and discotheque options:


-Birdie Time: Federico Geraldino 68, Piantini, 809-227-0022


-Bottom's Bar: en el hotel Clarion, Naco, 809-541-6226


-Casa de Teatro: Arz. Meriño 110, C. Colonial, 809-689-3430


-Diamante Bar: ave. George Washington 365, 809-687-7114


-Guácara Taína: avenida Mirador del Sur, 809-533-0671


-Jet Set: avenida Independencia 2253, 809-535-4145


-Maunaloa: Centro de los Héroes, 809-535-2151


-Merengue Bar: in the Renaissance Hotel in Jaragua, 809-476-8242


-Museo del Jamón: Atarazana 17, C. Colonial, 809-688-9644


-Praia: calle (street) G. Mejía Ricart 78, Naco, 809-732-0230


-Retro Café: Plaza Andalucía, Piantini, 809-540-3927


-Sinatra: calle (street) Roberto Pastoriza 315, 809-368-1155


-Taboo Bamboo: calle (street) Roberto Pastoriza 313, 809-227-2727


-The Tao Room: Plaza Andalucía, Piantini, 809-563-2043