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Whether you are a couple seeking a romantic getaway or a family on vacation, the Dominican Republic is the perfect place to pamper your body and soul. Here you will be able to rest, relax and free your mind, as well as enhance your body with a good day at one of the world-class spas around the country.


It is very easy to find excellent spas in the premium large "all-inclusive" resorts, with the most advanced facilities and products. Usually, these hotel services are not included within the hotel rates, so you should speak directly with the spa to ask about any additional costs. Many massages and body treatments are available, including some that use traditional Dominican herbs and minerals.


In Dominican spas, your mind will be removed from the stresses and noise of life so that you may concentrate your senses on the subtle sounds of relaxing music and waterfalls. You can do this while enjoying the sweet aroma of natural oils, all creating an extraordinary feeling of well-being.


Many spas also provide cosmetic treatments, hairdressing services, make overs, hair removal, manicures, pedicures and much more.