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The Dominican Republic has been a favorite destination for celebrities, athletes and travelers for many years. They come to enjoy our serene and majestic tropical landscapes, breathtaking coastline and amazing variety of world-class hotels and resorts. The Dominican Republic features the world's top hotel brands with sophisticated luxury, incredible service, exceptional food and five-star luxury options. However, you can also find everything from affordable and family-friendly upscale hotels to secluded private villas and homes for rent.


No matter what kind of visitor you are, the Dominican Republic has something for you. Families, couples, groups, singles, executives, eco-adventurers, golfers and corporate clients will all love the Dominican Republic. There are hotels for all ages, boutiques and spectacularly designed bed & breakfasts that never let you forget you are in an island paradise.


The Dominican Republic has an ever-increasing number of Hotel Rooms. Here, you're able to see many different areas of the country. You can to stay by the beach, secluded prairies, breathtaking rivers, quaint seaside towns, or even along the high cliff of a mountain.

The country's hotels have delightful facilities that give even the most demanding guests an unforgettable stay. Each resort offers something a little different, whether it be a unique landscape, ocean view, entertainment or secluded tranquility.


Most hotels in the Dominican Republic have exquisite restaurants, bars, pools, sports and recreation facilities, gyms, spas, casinos, clubs, meeting rooms, business centers, hairdressers, health services, shops and even popular clubs for kids. Many other resorts have world-class golf courses, polo grounds and marinas.


The recent increase in tourism in the country has also allowed us to offer new types of places to stay. Here you will find options for longer stays, such as modern comfortable apartments and condos.


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