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Surrounded by nearly 250 miles of coastline on the north, east and south, the Dominican Republic’s beaches are known world wide for pristine white sand beaches that are lapped by the warm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


-Cayo Arena


-Cayo Luperón

Cayo Arena
 Famous for its sea bed that is perfect for diving and snorkeling, Cayo Arena is a fantasy island. It's quite small, with very soft white sand surrounded by tropical seas. Here, the sea waters are blue and green in color, creating a spectacular
The main beaches at this most north eastern portion of the country include Juan de Bolaños, La Playita, Estero Balsa, Montecristi Beach and El Morro Beach. If you rent a boat, you can visit the Seven Brothers Islets: Terrero Islet, Monte Grande
Luperón Beach
 Located on the North Coast, both sections are filled with large rocks and areas where you can swim. It is just nine miles from the historic La Isabela site, the first European settlement in the New World.