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Cachote is a stunning protected cloud forest area, with a tiny community living at 1,097 meters (3,600 feet) above sea level. There are winding paths along which you can observe tropical flora, including bromeliads and wild orchids, as well as a series of hiking trails for excellent bird-watching.
Family-Friendly, Hiking, Iconic Sights, National Parks + Protected Areas, Wildlife Spotting
Hop on Café Toral’s coffee trail, a comprehensive hour-long tour of this popular coffee plantation located in the mountains of Polo. Learn about the various stages of coffee production from tree to cup.
Family-Friendly, Plantation Trails
Cafeto Madre is another option for a coffee trail in the mountains of Polo. Local guides will take you hiking across multiple trails leading to the coffee plantation. You could also combine an excursion to the nearby cloud forest of Cachote while you’re there.
Family-Friendly, Plantation Trails
This locally run cooperative in Polo produces their own coffee on site; tour their small factory and process during the months of November through January.
Family-Friendly, Plantation Trails
Tucked in the lush forests below the Bahoruco mountain range, a thirty-minute hike through a lush rainforest leads to this huge cavern and its emerald-colored pools.
Caving, Cenotes + Springs, Family-Friendly, Hiking, Wildlife Spotting
Lago Enriquillo is the largest and deepest lake below sea level in the Caribbean, ideal for wildlife watching and nature exploration. Boat trips along the lake’s waters and onto Isla Cabritos reveal a large population of American crocodiles, and flamingos.
Family-Friendly, Iconic Sights, National Parks + Protected Areas, Rivers + Lakes, Wildlife Spotting
DR’s largest freshwater lagoon, reaching 28 square kilometers (11 square miles), Laguna Rincón is home to a variety of flora and wildlife rich enough to make it a protected scientific reserve, with water turtles, iguanas, flamingos, pelicans, herons, and Florida ducks.
Family-Friendly, Iconic Sights, National Parks + Protected Areas, Rivers + Lakes, Wildlife Spotting
Climb a series of sturdy wooden steps and explore the large number of petroglyphs across the walls, faces suggesting the presence of Tainos thousands of years ago.
Caving, Family-Friendly, Iconic Sights, National Parks + Protected Areas
A popular freshwater river pool, running all the way to where it meets the sea, Los Patos is known as the shortest river in DR. You’ll see ducks stumbling along its banks while you wade, swim, and enjoy the cold water.
Cenotes + Springs, Family-Friendly, Rivers + Lakes
Sitting at the foot of towering cliffs, and reached via a staircase from a hotel above the beach, this romantic cove has a part pebble stone and part white sand beach with turquoise waters and active waves.
Beaches, Family-Friendly
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