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Barahona is a major fresh fruit and vegetable growing area, known for its coffee and big green plantains. The local specialty is seafood rice dishes plus casseroles and stewed or baked goat at Brisas del Caribe, María Montez and La Rocca restaurants.
Casual yet lively, Barahona’s nightlife reveals a slice of Dominican culture. In town, you’ll find a handful of sports bars and lounges along the Malecón, open from sunset until the early hours of the morning. Dance, play pool, or simply relax with cocktails across the seafront.
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Coffee from Polo, larimar from Paraíso, rocking chairs from La Lista, the fruit preserves and typical dolls made by the Coopdeci women’s cooperative in La Ciénaga. Barahona city market for fresh produce, including the famous Barahona plantains. Barahona caters mainly to domestic travel. The FestiCafé held in Polo in June every year is one great […]
In the heart of Bahoruco’s mountains, these mines are the only place in the world where larimar is found–a semi-precious, turquoise-colored stone. Explore the mining area and witness workers climbing back out of holes–running as deep as 40 meters (150 feet)–with raw larimar stones.
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Lining the Caribbean Sea, this large park fills up with residents who come here to take respite from the harsh afternoon sun and catch a breeze on one of the benches or under the trees. There’s a beach a short hike below, if you want to dip your toes in sand.
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