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Top 5 Golf Courses in DR’s East Coast

The Dominican Republic is full of surprises. This country is truly blessed with a diverse landscape. It has a great combination of staggering mountains, rivers, lakes, dunes and the most astonishing coastline that has among the best beaches of the world. The mélange of Taíno, Spanish and African…

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Miches: 30 miles of fun in the sun

In the north of the country, in the province of El Seibo, there is a destination that has it all: more than 30 miles of beaches, plains, beautiful mountains and rivers, besides a rich culture and exquisite gastronomy. These attributes make the municipality of Miches a complete and unmissable local…

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Why Cabarete is the Surf and Wind City

The Dominican Republic is blessed in many ways. It has an impressive diversity of landscapes, an amazing coastline with over 200 beaches that can be used for tourism, endless summer, the most genuine hospitality, interesting history, lively entertainment and exquisite gastronomy, making it very…

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