Whether you're a first-timer in Punta Cana or just looking to spice up your vacation beyond the hotel walls, we've got some fantastic activities in Punta Cana for you! Join us in exploring the gems of this incredible country, and let these experiences add that extra spark to make your trip a thousand times better. There's so much to see and do – come, dive in, and discover the wonders that await you in Punta Cana!


1- Bavaro Beach


Bavaro Beach


Bavaro Beach in Punta Cana is a lively spot with clear blue water and soft white sand. It's surrounded by all-inclusive resorts, making it a popular choice for a beach getaway. You can take a leisurely stroll along the shore, enjoying the crystal-clear waters and the beautiful scenery.

Besides the beach, there's a vibrant promenade with shops and local eateries where you can shop for souvenirs or try some delicious Dominican cuisine. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, making it a perfect place to unwind.

Bavaro Beach also offers various activities in Punta Cana, from water sports to simply soaking up the sun.


2- La Hacienda Park


La Hacienda Park


Embark on an exciting adventure at La Hacienda Park, where the vibrant Activities in Punta Cana add to the thrill! Immerse yourself in the excitement of 7 fantastic activities, all bundled into one incredible experience, and the best part – it's all covered by a single ticket! Brace yourself for an exhilarating buggy ride that will boost your excitement. Enjoy a laid-back horseback journey, taking in the picturesque surroundings. Rejuvenate with a refreshing dip in the river, adding a splash of fun to your day.

Embark on a cultural safari escapade, exploring the rich heritage of the Punta Cana region. Soar to new heights with the chairlift, treating yourself to breathtaking panoramic views. Feel the rush as you glide through 2 kilometers of electrifying ziplines, letting the wind tousle your hair.

And if that's not enough, conclude your adventure with a daring leap into the void. When hunger strikes, indulge in a feast of authentic Dominican flavors at our 100% Dominican Buffet, surrounded by the unique Activities in Punta Cana. It's a culinary journey that perfectly complements the excitement of your day.

Live the adventure, create lasting memories, and relish the flavors of Punta Cana at La Hacienda Park – where the excitement never comes to an end!


3- Dominican Food


Fast Dominican Food


During your stay in Punta Cana, make sure to explore the local dining scene, especially the restaurants near your hotel. Dominican cuisine boasts an array of delightful dishes that are a must-try. From the delectable plantains and crispy fried chicken to the flavorful combination of beans and rice, you're in for a treat. The restaurants in the vicinity offer a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Dominican food, providing a delicious and memorable experience during your trip.


4- Horse Back ride in the Jungle


Horse Back ride in the Jungle


Ever wondered what it's like to embark on a beautiful ride through the jungle? Whether it's your first time or not, you now have the chance to seize this incredible opportunity. The journey is genuinely relaxing, ensuring you can fully appreciate the breathtaking landscapes. La Hacienda Park provides the perfect setting for this adventure, allowing you to step away from the hotels and immerse yourself in this fantastic activity that Punta Cana has to offer. It's an experience that promises both tranquility and the chance to marvel at the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you.


5- One day in Santo Domingo


One day in Santo Domingo


Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and one of the oldest cities in the Caribbean. If you're up for leaving the beach for a bit and strolling around the city to explore some amazing historic spots, this activity is both fun and full of history. In the heart of the city lies the Colonial Zone, a walled area with cobblestone streets, showcasing buildings dating back to the 16th century, including the cathedral – the first one built in the New World. The Plaza de España, surrounded by cafes, hosts the Alcázar de Colón palace. Today, it's one of the many museums in the city displaying noteworthy medieval and Renaissance artworks.


6- Saona Island


Isla Saona


Get ready for an amazing adventure on Saona Island, at the southeast tip of the Dominican Republic! As part of the East National Park, this island is famous for mangroves, coral reefs, and palm-fringed beaches like La Palmilla.

In the shallow waters, you'll find starfish up close! Explore Mano Juan, a peaceful fishing village near Flamingo Lagoon, known for colorful cabins and as a turtle sanctuary.

And that's not all! Head west to Cotubanamá Cave, displaying pre-Columbian rock art. An experience that'll take you back in time as you explore these fascinating cave paintings!


7- Longest zipline in Punta Cana


Longest zipline in Punta Cana


Get ready for an exhilarating adventure in Punta Cana with our Zip Line activity! Glide through the Anamuya jungle at 70 km/h, conquering 5 platforms over an exciting 2.4-kilometer distance. Experience heart-pounding fun and adventure with all necessary safety gear provided, including helmets and harnesses. The fifth platform is the most thrilling, offering speeds of 70 km/h and breathtaking panoramic views of the jungle. Our expert guides ensure your safety, and the certified cables with an automatic braking system add an extra layer of security. Don't miss out on this unforgettable zip-lining experience!


8- Playa Juanillo


Playa Juanillo


Punta Cana is renowned globally for its pristine beaches, and Playa Bávaro, El Cortecito, and Playa Juanillo are among the most famous. The white sand and turquoise waters consistently rank Dominican beaches among the world's best. Playa Juanillo in Punta Cana stands out, offering an unforgettable panorama.

Playa Juanillo is distinctive because its access is restricted, making it perfect for those seeking a more secluded space away from the crowds often found on other beaches. Enjoy the exclusivity and tranquility of this beautiful beach in Punta Cana!


9- Buggies in the jungle


Buggies in the jungle


Jump into our Buggie adventure for a wild ride through the Anamuya mountains! Get set for steep slopes, muddy trails, and lots of fun in our private circuit. Here's the scoop: Cobra buggies with seat belts. Test your driving skills. Prepare to get really muddy! Thrilling climbs and off-road zones. Share the thrill with up to three friends. This amazing activity is a must!


10- Macao Beach


Macao Beach


Check out Playa Macao, a beach located in the northern part of Bavaro in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic. It features white sand and palm trees, making it a hit with both locals and tourists. Surf enthusiasts and those on buggy and four-wheel tours also flock to this spot for some fun in the sun!


11- Local Stores


Local Stores


Another exciting activity to enjoy in Punta Cana is exploring the local stores, which are abundant in the Cortecito area and at the Blue Mall. From souvenir shops to boutiques, you'll find a wide array of items to browse and purchase. Treat yourself to delicious Dominican delights like chocolate, coffee, mamajuana, and rum, perfect for bringing back a taste of the Caribbean to share with friends and family back home. So, take some time to wander through the vibrant streets and discover unique treasures to cherish from your trip to Punta Cana!


12- The only Chairlift in Punta Cana


The only Chairlift in Punta Cana


Embark on an unforgettable adventure in Punta Cana with our chairlift experience, the only one of its kind in the area! Glide above the breathtaking jungle of Anamuya, feeling the thrill as you enjoy stunning views and soak up the tropical vibes. Bring your friends and family along for a fun-filled ride, where laughter and excitement are guaranteed. Afterward, if you're up for more thrills, head to the Zip Line starting point, or simply relax and enjoy the scenic journey back on the chairlift. It's an adventure you won't want to miss!


13- Hoyo Claro


Hoyo Claro


Discover the natural wonder of Hoyo Claro, nestled along the Verón-Punta Cana road. This hidden gem boasts a unique ecosystem of wetlands, home to a semi-humid tropical forest. As you explore, you'll encounter serene lagoons, picturesque reed meadows, and lush palm groves, all set within the coastal plain of this region. Don't miss the chance to marvel at the extensive marshland that adds to the beauty of this natural monument. It's a perfect spot to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature and create unforgettable memories.


14- Swim in the River Anamuya


Swim in the River Anamuya


Dive into an extraordinary adventure in Punta Cana by taking a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Anamuya River, right in the heart of the jungle! Sometimes, a change of scenery from the beach is just what we need, and this unique opportunity provides the perfect escape. What's more, it's one of the seven fantastic activities offered by La Hacienda for the price of one, making it an unbeatable deal! So, don't miss out on this incredible chance to experience nature in a whole new way while making unforgettable memories in Punta Cana.


15- Try the best Dominican Food


Try the best Dominican Food


Immerse yourself in the true taste of Dominican cuisine at our buffet, offering an authentic gastronomic experience. From savory dishes like rice, beans, fried chicken, sancocho, and pasta with vegetables to traditional desserts such as majarete and rice pudding, there's something to delight every palate. What's more, we cater to all dietary needs with vegetarian options available. With drinks included and VIP area access in the VIP Plan, you'll enjoy a truly Dominican culinary adventure. Plus, stay connected with our Wi-Fi zone while you indulge in the flavors of the Dominican Republic.