The Dominican Republic is a destination that, as our slogan says, "Has It All," and when we say this, we're talking about all its natural riches, its beautiful turquoise blue beaches and white sands, its green mountains offering perfect settings for venturing along its trails, but also for relaxing and connecting with the nature and landscaping around you.

Astro Montecristi Morro

(Parque Nacional El Morro, Montecristi - Photography by: José Sanchez Coste)

But beyond the dreamlike experiences, you can have during the day, magical places are waiting for you, offering visual spectacles for lovers of space observation, starry skies, and enthusiasts of stargazing activities, now commonly referred to as Astrotourism.

Astro-tourism is a modality of sustainable tourism that involves admiring the universe in nocturnal scenes while enjoying the nature around you. This activity includes observing shooting stars, constellations, nebulas, and space marvels through telescopes or with the support of special cameras, often linked with experiences like camping among mountains or nighttime hiking.


In various points of the Dominican Republic, you can appreciate and live these experiences, catering to adventure and nature lovers. Among these emerging destinations are:


Cabo Rojo, Pedernales: Located in the southern region of the country, this wonderful destination offers tourist attractions to enjoy and experience sun and beach activities, but also adventure options like Bahía de las Aguilas, Los Pozos de Romeo, Rio Mulito, La Laguna de Oviedo, and ecological accommodation options including camping and glamping, allowing you to appreciate the sky differently.

Astro Parque Nacional Jaragua, Cabo Rojo, Pedernales 2

(Parque Nacional Jaragua, Cabo Rojo, Pedernales - Photography by: José Sanchez Coste)


Valle del Tetero (Trip to Pico Duarte): Pico Duarte is not only the highest mountain in the Dominican Republic but also in the Caribbean. It's one of the most popular hiking experiences in the destination, highly visited by nature-loving adventure tourism enthusiasts. Along its different points and stops, you can not only appreciate mountains, rivers, and other landscapes but also behold these beautiful starry skies while camping

Astro Valle Del Tetero.

(Valle Del Tetero - Photography by: José Sanchez Coste)


Valle de Dios: Located in the Montaña La Humeadora National Park in San Cristobal, as its name suggests, it's a valley nestled among mountains surrounded by impressive trees that act as a natural barrier, a green expanse with a ranger's house where you can camp peacefully with family, friends, or your partner and enjoy the nature the day offers, but also the night.

Astro Parque Nacional Montaña La Humeadora

(Parque Nacional Montaña La Humeadora - Photography by: José Sanchez Coste)


Isla Cabra: Situated in Montecristi, within the boundaries of the Montecristi Submarine National Park, here you can find beaches suitable for all ages and enjoyable for the whole family. Besides, it's close to other attractions like the mangroves of El Morro, the platforms, and the natural pool. You can swim, explore the island, witness beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but also enjoy the magical night sky this wonderful place offers.

Astro Isla Cabra, Montecristi

(Isla Cabra, Montecristi - Photography by: José Sanchez Coste)

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