In the north of the country, in the province of El Seibo, there is a destination that has it all: more than 30 miles of beaches, plains, beautiful mountains and rivers, besides a rich culture and exquisite gastronomy. These attributes make the municipality of Miches a complete and unmissable local experience in the Dominican Republic.

This city, in addition to the aforementioned attributes, also has land connectivity ranging from regional buses, cabs, car rentals and receptive tour operators, as well as air connectivity from the Punta Cana International Airport and several nearby heliports.

This connectivity opens the way to visit the unmissable coasts of more than 30 miles that include places such as Playa Esmeralda, Miches, El Limón, Media Luna, Coco Loco and El Guaco. Miches is a place where land, sea, wind and waves are part of the active tourism by air in paragliding and parasailing; by sea in fishing, diving, sailing and kitesurfing and by land in buggies and four wheels.

Miches is a destination that attracts adventurers looking for an enticing experience to break out of the routine, nestled between hills and mountains following the course of the rivers.  Adventurers leave their mark by getting in touch with the local communities, getting to know their personal stories and visiting waterfalls that touch the hearts of those who pass through Salto la Jalda, El Cocuyo, Salto Grande, Los Marrones, El Jobo, Los Prietos and El Yabón.

Montaña Redonda. Miches. El Seibo 1

In addition, you can enjoy a family experience in the most idyllic place in Miches, the majestic Montaña Redonda. The adventure begins as soon as you sit in one of the picturesque safari-style trucks, which are the only ones authorized to climb the mountain. It is an ideal place to connect with nature for all the greenery that surrounds it, take fun pictures on the swing or the broom (myths), zip lining and camping with a breathtaking panoramic view that always leaves everyone highly surprised. The combination of the reflection of the Redonda and Limon lagoons together with the sunrise or sunset overlooking the sea and mountains is truly breathtaking. 

And if we talk about traditional flavors, you can take a tour of cocoa, tobacco and rum. To end this trip on a high note, you must see all the vegetation and the extensive plantation of coconut and other species of fruit trees.  The coconut tree produces monthly fruits for eighty years, does not alter the composition of the soil and allows intercropping. In this way, a better future is being opened for generations to come.


Miches remains a colorful little town for the enjoyment of all nature lovers and outdoor recreation.

Miches-Drone-Play Esmeralda

As if that were not enough and to finish the tour, you can go to Playa Esmeralda and take a dip. Its exuberant beauty and the turquoise of its waters will make you an invitation you can't refuse. Its soft waves, amazing vegetation and the extensive road of coconut trees are other of the many qualities of this virgin beach that you will love. So, for all the above mentioned, you already have the perfect excuse to visit the destination and get to know everything Miches has in store for you.