Cenotes + Springs

Tucked inside lush rainforests, cenotes and spring-fed pools are breathtaking in color—sparkling, clear turquoise and emerald—and offer refreshing, cold swims in nature. In Punta Cana, look out for Scape Park’s Hoyo Azul—or blue hole—or the Ojos Indígenas Ecological Reserve, both offering easy rainforest hikes to reach the cenotes. Perhaps the most famous DR springs of all are the 27 Charcos de Damajagua in Puerto Plata, where you can leap or slide to your heart’s content into deep azure pools. You’ll find plenty more fresh water escapes, including Cabarete’s El Choco National Park, and along Barahona’s hiking trail toward Cueva de la Virgen.

With so many lush hills, you’re bound to find your favorite natural pool, available to enjoy any time of the year.

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Cenotes + Springs in
Dominican Republic

From Punta Cana to Puerto Plata, dip or jump into azure or emerald colored fresh water pools, flanked by lush forests.

Laguna Dudú’s series of turquoise, freshwater lagoons surrounded with caves and lush forest will keep you swimming all day long. Rent a kayak to navigate the waters, explore one of the caves on foot, or brave the makeshift zipline at your own risk.
Puerto Plata
One of multiple cenotes tucked inside Scape Park, Las Ondas sits in an ancient, underground cavern with just a sliver of sunlight, but magical fresh waters. A leisurely eco trail through a dry forest leads towards a steep, wooden staircase that descends into the cave.
Punta Cana
A popular freshwater river pool, running all the way to where it meets the sea, Los Patos is known as the shortest river in DR. You’ll see ducks stumbling along its banks while you wade, swim, and enjoy the cold water.
Manabao’s scenic roads are set against distant peaks, winding along vegetable fields, pine forests, and grazing cattle roadside. Hike down to the riverbanks for a swim in fresh water, surrounded in nature and far from the madding crowd.
Located inside the exclusive Puntacana Resort & Club complex, this 1,500 acre nature reserve and ecological park boasts enchanting, shaded hiking trails that wind through a lush tropical forest, and lead towards a series of 12 freshwater lagoons.
Punta Cana
San Rafael River’s crystal clear waters gush down from the mountains all the way to the beach of San Rafael, forming the most perfect natural water park–with multiple pools and cascades–where residents and visitors can cool off in the shade and swim.
This photogenic valley features thick blankets of pine trees, rolling green hills, and cool air, all ideal for outdoor adventures. Explore on foot, dip in fresh water, horseback ride, or brave the climb to the peak of El Tetero.
Set on the grounds of Villa Miriam, a private residence but open to the public for a small entrance fee, a series of pools fed by the San Rafael River run through the property, gushing from the area’s lush hills.


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