Canyoning et Descente en Rappel

Forêts tropicales sauvages, chutes d’eau cachées, collines rocheuses couvertes de végétation : le paysage de la République dominicaine se prête aux activités de canyoning ou de descente en rappel. En fait, ces deux activités peuvent souvent être combinées dans le cadre d’excursions pleines d’adrénaline durant lesquelles vous pourrez apprécier la beauté du paysage. Puerto Plata, capitale de l’aventure du pays, offre des sites parfaits pour ce genre d’aventure où des experts vous accompagneront pour descendre en rappel des vallées fluviales de 46 mètres de haut et sauter de 18 mètres dans des eaux cristallines. À Jarabacoa, le paysage des canyons de Baiguate est encore plus accidenté.

Ces activités de canyoning et de descente en rappel dans ces régions du nord et du centre sont accessibles depuis toutes les stations balnéaires et sont proposées toute l’année grâce à notre climat tempéré.

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République Dominicaine

Descendez les chutes d’eau en rappel et sautez de 18 mètres dans des piscines d’eau douce couleur émeraude.

L’attraction suprême, le joyau de la couronne, offre une journée de randonnée à travers d’épaisses forêts, en passant sur des passerelles et en découvrant une flore abondante, avant d’atteindre le sommet d’une colline rocheuse. De là, vous commencerez à descendre en sautant ou en glissant dans une série de cascades.
Puerto Plata
Montez d’un cran dans les expériences aquatiques à Ciguapa – avec un total de six cascades et douze sauts allant jusqu’à 10 mètres de hauteur, pendant une excursion de deux heures dans la rivière. Le parcours inclut une randonnée à travers une épaisse jungle avant de commencer cette expédition dans l’eau.
Puerto Plata
Complètement hors des sentiers battus, trois cascades se déversent dans de profondes piscines azur connues sous le nom de « piscine de Dieu ». Vous marcherez pendant une heure et gravirez une petite série de rochers jusqu’aux Charcos de Los Militares, où des piscines naturelles alimentées par la rivière vous attendent.
Puerto Plata
Ayant la forme d’un champignon – rond en haut et plus mince en bas – ce canyon offre une journée exaltante de canyoning et de descente en rappel dans les rivières fraîches de Cabarete.
Puerto Plata
Une cascade parfaite de 25 mètres et une piscine de couleur jade vous attendent au Salto de Baiguate. Elles sont nichées dans un canyon profond mais sont facilement accessibles par des marches en bois qui conduisent directement à l’eau.
Atteindre la cascade El Limón est une aventure qui suppose un trajet de 2,5 kilomètres à travers une épaisse forêt, à cheval ou à pied en descendant le long d’un luxuriant terrain vallonné tout en découvrant la flore et la faune. Vous pouvez également faire du canyoning.


Dominican Republic has been identified as one of the best travel destinations for 2021 by @condenasttraveller and we may be biased, but it’s easy to see why. Miles of pristine beaches, clear ocean waters and cool rivers, adrenaline-pumping hikes, an abundance of sights to see, rich culture and bursting with eco-tourism, there’s no shortage of reasons Dominican Republic should be on your travel bucket list. Read the Condé Nast Traveller article in our bio to hear more about why you should visit DR. We can’t wait to welcome you back!
We are proud to call Dominican Republic our home and are ready to welcome you all back. Do you have a trip to Dominican Republic in the books? If so, share where and when below! 💙❤✈️📸:@jodie_maria_kelly
Dreaming of a Caribbean getaway? Dominican Republic is open and prepared to welcome you for a safe and relaxing vacation. “The Dominican Republic government will be ready to implement an earlier announced Responsible Tourism Recovery Plan on September 15, said David Collado, the country’s tourism minister.” @travelpulse 
Starting today, all tourists visiting a hotel will have access to a temporary, free Travel Assistance Plan, which will include emergency cost coverage valid through the duration of their stay September 15 – December 31, 2020. Please use the link in our bio to visit and read the full article from Travel Pulse to learn more about our increased safety measures. Stay safe, we look forward to welcoming you soon. 🇩🇴✈️
Are you ready to explore the various islands that speckle the Dominican Republic coastline? No matter how big or small, we love them all. 📍Cayo Limón. 💙🇩🇴 📸:@jmpprd
Is this photo real life? Yes! You can find this gorgeous, picturesque waterfall in Arroyo Grande. The real question is, who will you explore it with? Tag your swimming buddy in the comments! 📸:@vicamendezphoto
Wherever you roam in Dominican Republic, the coastline is unbeatable. We love this photo of the pristine Playa Rincón, one of DR’s top beaches. 🏝 📸:@crisnoble_02
There’s nothing better than a scenic boat ride, a walk along the sugar-sand shore and a swim in the turquoise waters of Bahía de Las Águilas. Which Dominican beach are you most looking forward to returning to? 📸
In need of something to look forward to? Head to Jarabacoa. One glance and you’ll be in awe. 😍 From a travel assistance plan to ease-of-entry, with our travel recovery plan we are committed to providing a safe set of measures to ensure the health and safety of locals and travelers alike. Please visit the DR Travel Center at the link in our bio for more information on our tourism recovery plan. 📸:@jonasshots
Imagine laying on this beach, the sun is shining, the palm trees swaying over your head. Isla Catalina off the coast of La Romana is waiting for you! 🏖
Dreaming of a Caribbean getaway? You’re in luck, this heavenly-looking boat ride can be your reality. Bayahibe’s beauty is just waiting to be captured. Use the link in our bio to visit our website to learn more about our Tourism Recovery Plan and to start planning your next vacation. 🚤☁
Fact: This is what serenity looks like! Lush green forests, waterfalls, mountains, rich archaeological history and more await you in Cotuí, located in the central region of Dominican Republic! 🌿🏞 📸:@aquamanrd
Dreaming of visiting your computer’s scenic screen saver? Playa de los Muertos can make that dream a reality – starting with this gorgeous coastline shot. #DRdaydreaming 💙💚 📸:@dronepics_rd

📍 Playa de los Muertos
Located on the north coast, directly off the highway in Cabrera, this light blond-sand beach is not what you expect: a river flows so near, it gives the sand a soft, spongy texture, while the sea is a mixture of cool and warm water from one end to the other. It is an intriguing experience, but the shallow waters make it even more ideal for everyone. 📸:@moises.arias06
Picture it now: Your toes slip into the soft white sand overlooking turquoise waters on the coast of Dominican Republic. The sun is setting on another postcard-perfect day in paradise. The only thing that could make this moment more blissful? An ice-cold Dominican cocktail!
Whether you’re planning for your next trip, or simply dreaming, follow along to see some of the can’t-miss drinks you have to try in Dominican Republic! Head to the link in our bio to learn the significance behind these drinks and even find recipes to make at home. ¡Salud!
“Let’s get back to the Caribbean for a bit and enjoy this epic sunset at one of my favorite spots in Samaná, Dominican Republic.” We’re ready to welcome you, @tripmoz! Head to the DR Travel Center at the link in our bio to learn the latest regarding the Tourism Recovery Plan which includes a travel assistance plan, elimination of any type of test prior to entering the country, among other initiatives set to launch September 15. 📸: @tripmoz
Are you ready to go and “fetch” these colorful sunset views over Playa El Valle? Stay safe and be well, when you’re ready to travel we’ll be waiting. 🧡💛💜
Starting September 15, there will be a temporary, free travel assistance plan until December 2020 to all tourists visiting a hotel, that in the event of a positive COVID-19 test while in-country, in addition to emergency coverage includes COVID-19 tests and cost coverage for long-term stay. Likewise, effective September 15, travelers will not be asked for any type of test prior to entering the country, nor will massive tests be carried out upon arrival, but rather random quick tests will be performed.
Use the link in our bio to learn more about the progress shared yesterday on the recently announced Recovery of Tourism Plan. Stay safe and be well, we look forward to welcoming you back again soon. 💙❤ 🇩🇴 📸: @jodie_maria_kelly
Looking for a diving hot spot? Head west of Santo Domingo to the region of Baní to explore Salinas. Located at the entrance of Las Calderas Bay, you can dive up to 41 meters (134 feet) and get up-close with an impressive array of marine biodiversity! 🐡🐠🤿📸: @moises.arias06
Paddling or lounging, however you choose to enjoy Dominican sunsets, you’re sure to be mesmerized. 🇩🇴🌅 Do you have a trip to Dominican Republic on the horizon? If so, share below! Cheers, we look forward to welcoming you soon. 📸: @mochileraporelmundo
Switzerland? Costa Rica? Not quite. Try San Cristobal, Dominican Republic! DR is full of landscapes that may just take your breath away! ✨ 📸:@whereisbeatriz

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