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Vuelta Independencia Nacional 2021

Fév 22, 2021 - Fév 28, 2021

The Dominican Cycling Federation invites you to the 42nd edition of the “Vuelta Independencia Nacional”, the leading cycling race that celebrates Dominican Independence Day. The event will be celebrated under a sanitary bubble to protect all participants. Details are still being worked out and athletes could overnight in Santo Domingo or in a resort in Punta Cana. This will vary the stages of the race. Traditionally, the race takes participants on a tour of the entire country. Six to eight international teams and around ten Dominican teams could participate this year. The number of international teams in the past has reached 25. See updates on Instagram @fedocioficial.


Début :
Fév 22, 2021
Fin :
Fév 28, 2021
Catégories d’Évènement:
Cyclisme, Sports
Évènement City/town:
Punta Cana, Saint Domingue
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