Il n’y a vraiment pas beaucoup d’endroits pour vivre une expérience en rafting dans les Caraïbes. En République dominicaine, nos villes de montagne situées en haute altitude sont traversées par des fleuves  qui descendent avec force depuis les plus hauts sommets. Une excursion en rafting le long du Yaque del Norte (le plus long fleuve des Caraïbes) vous attend à Jarabacoa. Il s’agit d’une expérience inoubliable qui enchantera les plus aventureux d’entre vous.

Elle est proposée toute l’année, mais il est préférable de faire du rafting pendant les mois d’été, lorsque les niveaux d’eau sont suffisamment élevés pour une expérience authentique.

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République Dominicaine

Le plus long fleuve de la République dominicaine traverse le centre du pays et c’est l’un des seuls sites caribéens où il est possible de faire du rafting.

Sentez l’adrénaline monter en faisant du rafting sur le fleuve à partir de Jarabacoa et bravez les rapides jaillissants du Río Yaque del Norte, qui offrent deux niveaux. Découvrez le plus long fleuve de la République dominicaine en naviguant le long de ses berges et canyons luxuriants.


Looking for history and culture? Visit the Colonial City in Santo Domingo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a can’t-miss architectural marvel!🌞🕍  📸: @cherrielynn
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Here you don't need anything but the sand and the sea 🐚  For those looking for a contrast between mountains, palm tree groves, unspoiled beaches, extreme adventures and so much more, Samaná is perfect for you! 🌊🌞  📸: @michael_iten
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In Dominicus beach you can spend the day swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, or having a sumptuous Dominican beachfront lunch.🌊🌴  Tell us your favorite ways to relax and unwind🧘‍♀️  📸: @tracaderobeachresort
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The long golden stretch surrounded by a lush valley, flanked by towering bluffs of playa El Valle, dotted with fishermen canoes, this beach is a dream come true. 🌞🌿Rustic and overwhelming in its green to turquoise scenery, the undeveloped Playa El Valle is a great spot to get away from the crowds. 🌊  Did you know that the movie “Old” directed by M. Night Shyamalan, was filmed on this astonishing beach? 🧐  📸: @thereal__gue
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Saona Island is the perfect tropical escape!🌞  Enjoy stretches of brilliant white sand and giant coconut trees, and of course, the stunning turquoise waters. Visitors can take day trips to enjoy the beaches, culture and so much more. 🌊  See you in paradise!👋🏝  📸: @mon_appetrip
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Puerto Plata is one of Dominican Republic’s most beloved cities.  Surfers flock for the waves, but it isn’t just for beach bums and athletes. Puerto Plata is brimming with nature, history and nightlife, and it’s ready open for you!🌊🏄🏽‍♀️🕍  📸: @parejaviajerard
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The pristine beaches and palm-soaring palm trees of Playa Esmeralda, Miches are waiting for you. 🌊🌞  What are some places you’d like to explore in Dominican Republic?  📸: @amyseder
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Playa Bonita: Where the sun is always shining, the warm waters are beckoning and memories are waiting to be made.🌊🌴  📸: @mon_appetrip
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Lined with resorts and villas, Playa Portillo begins at the entrance of Las Terrenas town, stretching all the way east as the first part of the whopping five kilometer (eight mile) long coastline.  Playa Portillo’s soft white sand boasts a coral reef close enough to swim to, and offers easy snorkeling opportunities🤿, if you’re feeling more adventurous  El Portilllo is the perfect place for kitesurfing🏄🏽‍♀️🪁  How amazing is this view?🌊  📸: @kitesurfingdestroyedmylife @todo.dominicana
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What time is it? It’s yummy o’clock! 🥄⏰  Dominican gastronomy is a symphony of colors and flavors. 🍚🍖  Every Dominican meal is a joyous occasion. It’s a celebration of friendship and family unity cooked with love. Our rich cultural heritage provided the right mix of ingredients and cooking methods to make the most scrumptious and varied cuisine.  What’s your favorite Dominican dish?🇩🇴  #GoDomRep #MyDR #DominicanGastronomy

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