Nel cuore della Repubblica Dominicana svetta la catena montuosa più alta dei Caraibi, dove troverai paesaggi lussureggianti e temperature decisamente d’alta quota. Le escursioni sono un ottimo modo per esplorare questa regione, ma lanciarsi in parapendio sulle città montane della Repubblica Dominicana (Jarabacoa e Constanza) regala una vista straordinaria e incomparabile sul panorama caraibico. Istruttori di parapendio certificati ti condurranno fino al punto di decollo, dove una volta indossata l’imbracatura spiccherai il volo nei cieli azzurri dei Caraibi, in tandem con la guida. Sorvolerai così le cime delle montagne, le imponenti cascate (come quelle di Jarabacoa, che hanno ospitato il set di numerosi film di Hollywood, tra cui Jurassic Park), piantagioni e villaggi. La Repubblica Dominicana, vista da lassù, non ha eguali.

Il parapendio è disponibile tutto l’anno, ma il momento migliore per una sessione indimenticabile è al tramonto, quando l’aria è più fresca e i paesaggi caraibici si tingono di rosso.

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Parapendio a Repubblica Dominicana

Lanciati nei cieli azzurri della Repubblica Dominicana, sorvolando montagne, cascate, spiagge e villaggi.

Sorvola le montagne e le cascate di Jarabacoa! Planare tra le nuvole spinti da venti costanti è un’esperienza indimenticabile, un’occasione unica per ammirare dall’alto questa zona con le sue montagne spettacolari, i verdi pascoli e le acque impetuose del Salto de Jimenoa.
Lanciati in parapendio in tandem con istruttori esperti, per una superba veduta aerea sulla città di Constanza, le piantagioni, le valli. Capirai meglio perché questa regione venga soprannominata “la Svizzera dei Caraibi”!


Who can guess the name of this astounding place? 🗺
Hint one: It’s a beautiful island within a National Park🏞
Hint two: On the way, there is a natural pool with crystal-clear water. 🌊
Hint three: Once you go there, you will want to keep coming back.  🌞
Think you know? Let us know in the comments.  
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Cabo Rojo: Gateway to Bahía de Las Águilas. 🌞🌴  his beautiful white-sand beach gets its name from the area’s bauxite presence and resulting dark rust-colored dirt roads.  Its turquoise waters are also home to some of the Caribbean Sea’s best-preserved coral reefs.  What do you think about this dramatic landscape? 🐚
📸: @guillermoarmenteros
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What time is it? It’s yummy o’clock! 🥄⏰  Dominican gastronomy is a symphony of colors and flavors. 🍚🍖  Every Dominican meal is a joyous occasion. It’s a celebration of friendship and family unity cooked with love. Our rich cultural heritage provided the right mix of ingredients and cooking methods to make the most scrumptious and varied cuisine.  What’s your favorite Dominican dish?🇩🇴
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Did you know that the Dominican Republic has the largest wind farm in the Caribbean and Central America? 🌬  Located in Enriquillo, Parque Eólico Los Cocos is the first in the country. Its 40 wind turbines generate enough power to keep one million light bulbs lit. This wind farm has tours available to learn about its operation.  Have you driven past this iconic place on your way from Barahona to Pedernales?🌴🌬
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Did you know that Santo Domingo was originally built on the eastern side of the Ozama River?🏞  Santo Domingo was founded in 1496 on the east bank of the Ozama River. It was destroyed by a hurricane and rebuilt in 1502 at its present location on the west bank of the river. Almost all the monuments remain intact.  Today the river has a multipurpose port terminal for tourism and commerce.🛳⚓️ 
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What’s up! Even Dominican fish will greed you with a bright smile! 🌞🐠  Greetings from under the sea🐠 Our aquatic friends are waiting for you to explore all that the Dominican coasts have for you. The pristine waters of the DR are boasting with abundant and colorful marine life.  Which snorkeling location are you most looking forward to on your next trip?🤿🌊
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Did you know Ingenio de Boca de Nigua was submitted to UNESCO’s Tentative Lists in 2018?  It was built in the 16th century and rebuilt in the 18th century. The second-largest slave rebellion of the Spanish colony of Santo Domingo happened here in 1796.  We salute our ancestors of African descent that lived in a difficult time in history and honor their contribution to our heritage. We wouldn’t be and who we are without them. ⛪️🏛  📸: @robertvasquez 
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Looking for the ideal beach getaway?🌞  In Dominicus beach you can spend the day swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, or having a sumptuous Dominican beachfront lunch.  What does your perfect vacation look like in emojis?🌴
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@celinefarach enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Dominican Republic while shooting the music video #MEPASE by @enriqueiglesias ft. @farrukoofficial 🌞🐚  Let yourself be captivated by Samaná's essence! 👯‍♀️🌴#Mepasé #GoDominicanRepublic #Samaná
Santo Domingo will transport you back in time with its architecture and historical sites📍  Take a stroll around its cobblestone streets and marvel at different architectural styles from the 16th to the early 20th century. The monuments have an interesting mix of styles, such as Romanesque, Gothic, Mudejar, Plateresque, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical. Come and enjoy the DR’s vibrant culture.  Are you ready to explore the Colonial City’s architectural wonders? ⛪️🗺
📸: @robertvasquez
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