Nel cuore della Repubblica Dominicana svetta la catena montuosa più alta dei Caraibi, dove troverai paesaggi lussureggianti e temperature decisamente d’alta quota. Le escursioni sono un ottimo modo per esplorare questa regione, ma lanciarsi in parapendio sulle città montane della Repubblica Dominicana (Jarabacoa e Constanza) regala una vista straordinaria e incomparabile sul panorama caraibico. Istruttori di parapendio certificati ti condurranno fino al punto di decollo, dove una volta indossata l’imbracatura spiccherai il volo nei cieli azzurri dei Caraibi, in tandem con la guida. Sorvolerai così le cime delle montagne, le imponenti cascate (come quelle di Jarabacoa, che hanno ospitato il set di numerosi film di Hollywood, tra cui Jurassic Park), piantagioni e villaggi. La Repubblica Dominicana, vista da lassù, non ha eguali.

Il parapendio è disponibile tutto l’anno, ma il momento migliore per una sessione indimenticabile è al tramonto, quando l’aria è più fresca e i paesaggi caraibici si tingono di rosso.

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Parapendio a Repubblica Dominicana

Lanciati nei cieli azzurri della Repubblica Dominicana, sorvolando montagne, cascate, spiagge e villaggi.

Sorvola le montagne e le cascate di Jarabacoa! Planare tra le nuvole spinti da venti costanti è un’esperienza indimenticabile, un’occasione unica per ammirare dall’alto questa zona con le sue montagne spettacolari, i verdi pascoli e le acque impetuose del Salto de Jimenoa.
Lanciati in parapendio in tandem con istruttori esperti, per una superba veduta aerea sulla città di Constanza, le piantagioni, le valli. Capirai meglio perché questa regione venga soprannominata “la Svizzera dei Caraibi”!


Where are the roads taking you this weekend? The astonishing María Trinidad Sánchez province is a great place to start or to pass by on your way from Puerto Plata to Samaná to explore the north coast’s unique natural attractions.  In the coastal area of Río San Juan, Nagua and Cabrera, you will find endless beaches, cenotes, palm tree groves, waterfalls, and incredible caves.  What would be your ideal Dominican road trip? 🚙🌴🌊  📷: @dronepics_rd  #godomrep #godominicanrepublic #dominicanrepublic #opendr #wanderlust #caribbean #mariatrinidadsanchez #nagua #cabrera
Bahía de las Águilas is a feast for your eyes. The beauty of this place has no comparison. You’ll be instantly taken aback and reach a complete state of relaxation. 
It is located within the Jaragua National Park in Pedernales and boasts five miles of white sand perfection and abundant marine life. 🌊🐠  Who would you like to share this stunning place with?  📷: @girlstraveler @karinivaldez @carlostorresrd  #godomrep #godominicanrepublic #dominicanrepublic #opendr #wanderlust #caribbean #bahiadelasaguilas #pedernales
Salinas, Puerto Hermoso de Baní is the picture-perfect location for the most amazing pictures. 📷😎  The surprising dry landscape of the southwest of the country offers a great combination of salt mines, dunes, mangroves, lakes, and the Caribbean Sea, which makes it very picturesque.  📷: @jo.hero 
#godomrep #godominicanrepublic #mydr #opendr #bani #salinasbani
Relax at Cap Cana Marina with a cocktail and a panoramic sea view from one of its chic waterfront bars. 🚤🛥🍾  Marina Cap Cana offers over 130 slips, accommodating up to 150 ft. yachts. It is surrounded by an enchanting village with gourmet restaurants and elegant boutiques. Its coastlines and proximity are considered among the best spots in the world for fishing and deep-water diving.  📷: @carloshorton.a @marinacapcana @vivecapcana 
#godomrep #godominicanrepublic #mydr #opendr #capcana #visitcapcana #puntacana
Mornings in Jarabacoa are priceless. The beauty of its mountains is immense. ⛰🌲  This eco-tourism hub is easily accessed via modern highways. Jarabacoa means “place of waters” in Taíno language and boasts a variety of charming accommodations, from riverside ranches and eco-lodges to luxury vacation villas perched in the mountains.  Raise your hand if you’d like to wake up to this view!  📷: @dronepics_rd 
#godomrep #godominicanrepublic #mydr #opendr #jarabacoa #lavega
Ocean World Adventure Park is located in Cofresí, just over three miles west of Puerto Plata city. 🦜  Children and adults can enjoy a multitude of marine experiences, from shows with sea lions and nurse sharks to an exotic bird area and snorkeling in an artificial coral reef aquarium filled with hundreds of tropical fish.  📷: @flyfilmsdr @oceanworldrd 
#godomrep #godominicanrepublic #puertoplata #oceanworldpuertoplata #oceanworldadventurepark
Hongo Mágico is shaped like a mushroom, rounded at the top and thinning at the bottom. This canyon adventure offers an exhilarating day of canyoning and rappelling in the cool rivers of the Espaillat province. 🌊🌳  You’ll need a good level of fitness for this activity, but the rest is faced step by step from small and large jumps to a couple of intense rappels down 197 feet.  📸: @lisandromade @todo.dominicana 
#godomrep #godominicanrepublic #mydr #opendr #jamao #provinciaespaillat #hongomagico
Parque Colón is one of the liveliest parks in the DR. It faces the oldest cathedral in the Americas, in a verdant, shaded square surrounded with colonial, republican, and modern architecture. 🕍🎼  This magical square is punctuated with benches and is bustling with merengue music players, sidewalk cafés. On Sundays, there is a free musical school to persuade children to follow their artistic passions and rather than engage in mischiefs.  📸: @tripmoz @escuelitademusicapc 
#godomrep #godominicanrepublic #mydr #opendr #santodomingo #parquecolon #escuelitademusicapc
Located right off the main coastal highway, Playa San Rafael in Barahona combines panoramic mountain views with river pools and cascades that run all the way to the shore, where the San Rafael River meets the Caribbean Sea. ⛰🌊  Surfers find waves here to practice on, particularly in the morning. There are onsite food and drink vendors, all of whom serve Dominican seafood plates.  📸: @pedromestres @sanrafaelsurfschool 
#godomrep #godominicanrepublic #mydr #opendr #barahona #playasanrafael #playasanrafaelbarahona
Cozy, crescent-shaped Playa Caletón is flanked with lush vegetation and rocky scenery, some of it bearing sculpted faces of Taíno chiefs, which gives it a mystical feel. 🌴🌊  The entrance sits along the highway between Río San Juan and the Playa Grande beach and golf complex, and a stop here is often included on a boat excursion of Laguna Gri-Grí and the surrounding coastline.  📸: @jmpprd 
#godomrep #godominicanrepublic #mydr #opendr #playacaleton  #playacaletonriosanjuan #riosanjuan #playagrande #provinciaespaillat ##mariatrinidadsanchez

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