Nel cuore della Repubblica Dominicana svetta la catena montuosa più alta dei Caraibi, dove troverai paesaggi lussureggianti e temperature decisamente d’alta quota. Le escursioni sono un ottimo modo per esplorare questa regione, ma lanciarsi in parapendio sulle città montane della Repubblica Dominicana (Jarabacoa e Constanza) regala una vista straordinaria e incomparabile sul panorama caraibico. Istruttori di parapendio certificati ti condurranno fino al punto di decollo, dove una volta indossata l’imbracatura spiccherai il volo nei cieli azzurri dei Caraibi, in tandem con la guida. Sorvolerai così le cime delle montagne, le imponenti cascate (come quelle di Jarabacoa, che hanno ospitato il set di numerosi film di Hollywood, tra cui Jurassic Park), piantagioni e villaggi. La Repubblica Dominicana, vista da lassù, non ha eguali.

Il parapendio è disponibile tutto l’anno, ma il momento migliore per una sessione indimenticabile è al tramonto, quando l’aria è più fresca e i paesaggi caraibici si tingono di rosso.

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Parapendio a Repubblica Dominicana

Lanciati nei cieli azzurri della Repubblica Dominicana, sorvolando montagne, cascate, spiagge e villaggi.

Sorvola le montagne e le cascate di Jarabacoa! Planare tra le nuvole spinti da venti costanti è un’esperienza indimenticabile, un’occasione unica per ammirare dall’alto questa zona con le sue montagne spettacolari, i verdi pascoli e le acque impetuose del Salto de Jimenoa.
Lanciati in parapendio in tandem con istruttori esperti, per una superba veduta aerea sulla città di Constanza, le piantagioni, le valli. Capirai meglio perché questa regione venga soprannominata “la Svizzera dei Caraibi”!


Santo Domingo offers the perfect combination of historical sites and all the luxuries of a modern city with local flair.  
The Dominican capital combines rich history, cosmopolitan environment, natural environment, culture, an interesting nightlife, activities of all kinds, and irresistible gastronomy, making it an ideal destination to combine work and pleasure in a perfect balance. 
Have you been to Santo Domingo? What’s your favorite spot? 🌃🌀  📸: @nelsonguzman01   
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For art lovers! Sculpted entirely of stone, Altos de Chavón is a model 16th century Mediterranean village overlooking the Chavón River.  It was inaugurated in 1982 with Frank Sinatra performing live at the Grecian-style outdoor amphitheater. It is a delightful place to tour due to its exquisite architecture, fine dining, archaeological museum, artisan shops and art galleries.  Are you ready to explore this amazing place? 🌿🏞  📸:@moises.arias06
 #GoDomRep #MyDR #LaRomana
Views like this make you take a step back and appreciate the simple things in life that make it so special. 🌲  Breathe in the fresh air in a crisp morning in San Juan de la Maguana as you watch the sun magically add more vibrant colors to the marvelous, lush mountains.   Who would you like to share this view with? 🌿  📸: @viajonas_ 
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The astonishing waters of Arroyo Grande are always inviting. Espalliat’s province has many hidden natural wonders up its sleeves.🌞  Raise your hand if you are ready to explore some of the DR’s most impressive natural settings!🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️  📸: @jeninapimentel 
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Cozy, crescent-shaped Playa Caletón is flanked with lush vegetation and rocky scenery, some of it bearing sculpted faces of Taíno chiefs, which gives it a mystical feel. 🌴🌊  The entrance sits along the highway between Río San Juan and the Playa Grande beach and golf complex, and a stop here is often included on a boat excursion of Laguna Gri-Grí and the surrounding coastline. 🐚  📸: @philipmennen 
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There is no better way to end the perfect day, than to watch the sunset in punta cana with a view like this.     Its magical sunsets and relaxed atmosphere open the door for great conversations and to get reconnected with nature.  What’s your favorite part of the DR to watch the sunset? 🌅🌿  📸: @joshfauvel 
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With views overlooking Plaza de España on one side, and the Ozama River on the other, Alcázar de Colón is the oldest vice regal residence in the Americas, and the first fortified palace, turned into a museum showcasing 16th century furniture, art, musical instruments, and weapons.  🌃🏛
Winding staircases lead towards the couple’s well-preserved bedrooms, and to the lavish crystal chandelier-lit reception hall where events were hosted for the Spanish aristocracy. 🌀⚓️  📸: @nelsonguzman01 
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The Dominican Republic is full of dazzling landscapes! The lush mountainous region of the San Cristóbal Province offers great and unique views. 🏞🌿
Take a hike through various puddles and trails surrounded by nature to explore Los Charcos de Nizao. Its rock formations make it the perfect natural playground to jump into the refreshing water.   📸: @sirenomanrd  @jfidelio__cruz  
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Tucked inside Valle Nuevo National Park, in an area known as La Nevera, this pyramid-shaped monument sits at an altitude of around 7,500 feet. ⛰🌿 
Spanish artisans from the communities of Constanza and San José de Ocoa carved the two cone-shaped structures as a symbol of their gratitude for the completion of the San José de Ocoa-Constanza road in 1958. 🌬🧣  📸: @carlostorresrd  
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Dominican gastronomy is a symphony of colors, textures and flavors.  🍛❤️
Every Dominican meal is a celebration of friendship and family unity cooked with love. Our rich cultural heritage provided the right mix of ingredients and cooking methods to make the most scrumptious and varied cuisine. 
What’s your favorite Dominican dish? 🍽   📸:@cositafrita   
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