(Montreal, Canada. September, 2017).- During the month of September, one of the most important tour operators in the Canadian market has been conducting its promotional fairs to present its products and services to travel agents located in the different cities of Glen.

The Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, through its Tourism Promotion Office (OPT) in Montreal, was present to support the work of the Air Transat Operator and reaffirm the position of the Dominican destination as one of the Caribbean’s preferred international destinations for Canadians to vacation.

“For our country, annual product launches from operators are a unique opportunity to strengthen ties with travel agents and motivate them to continue selling our destination. This time we have carried out a massive promotion to more than 1390 Travel Agents in the Province of Quebec”, said Cosette García, Director of the Tourism Promotion Office in Montreal.

García also reported that the Montreal Office has been present with the Operator in the most important cities of their targeted area, having direct contact with the agents of the Capital of the French-speaking Province of Canada, Quebec City, as well as La Riviera Sur in the city of La Prairie, the city of Terrebonne, Laval and Sherbrooke.


For more information contact:

Cosette García, Dominican Republic Tourism Promotion Office in Montreal

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