(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, November 22, 2018) .- As part of the strategy to give notoriety to the Colonial City of Santo Domingo and thereby contribute to diversify the tourism offer of Dominican Republic, the Ministry of Tourism officially presented the image, campaign and brand of its Colonial City. It is a project that MITUR develops through the Colonial City Tourism Promotion Program, which not only contemplates the renovation and urban adaptation already carried out in this tourist and cultural destination, but also a broad marketing plan and promotion of national and international impact.

Under the slogan “More than history”, the Ministry of Tourism seeks to project much more than the different primacies that make our Colonial City unique and enviable, a history that only Dominicans can tell. It also seeks to highlight other attributes and offers that makes the Colonial City a cultural, historical and, above all, alive space.

“The Colonial City is more than history, and making it a brand of all Dominicans is in line with the Ministry of Tourism’s objectives of promoting Dominican culture and tourism as an increasingly closer, affordable and inclusive industry”, said Francisco Javier García, minister of tourism of the Dominican Republic. “Today the Colonial City has a wide and emblematic hotel offer, a varied gastronomic proposal that combines traditional establishments and new restaurants, as well as innovative cultural spaces that have opened their doors in recent years, such as museums and art galleries with unique characteristics, or theaters and micro theaters, cafes, bookstores and other entertainment centers. All this offer is part of what the tourist, national and international, can explore, finding a historic Colonial City, but also full of life “.

Cultural tourism represents one of the most affirmed world trends in recent years, which is changing the way tourism is developed. The Colonial City of Santo Domingo is a cultural destination of excellence that can become the ideal complement to sun and beach tourism, making the Dominican Republic a truly complete offer, which includes nature, leisure, history, culture, cuisine, religion and much more.

The Ministry of Tourism is currently implementing a Tourism Marketing Plan for Santo Domingo and the Colonial City, one that covers, among other actions, communication, promotion, branding and marketing of this area of the city, highlighting it as the main cultural destination of the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. In addition, it implements actions that encourage tourists to acquire combined packages and multi-destination experiences, in order to encourage the permanent flow of tourists from the destinations of national coasts to the Colonial City.

In addition to this, the marketing plan includes the identification of new markets for tourism products from the Colonial City and Santo Domingo as a strategic cultural space. The goal of MITUR with this campaign is to increase the previous knowledge of tourists about the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, as well as the products (and packages) that combine lodging in Santo Domingo (including the visit to the Colonial City) and the coast destinations.

“In addition to the positioning and tourism development of the Colonial City, MITUR is also creating instruments to scientifically ensure the sustainable management of this important cultural destination. As a result of this strategy, the arrival of tourists between 2010 and 2017 to this area, declared by UNESCO as World Heritage, has increased by 64% “explained Maribel Villalona, general director of the Tourism Promotion Program Ciudad Colonial. “Similarly, the number of businesses and services offered has grown by 96% and the average daily expenditure of the tourist who is staying is above the national average.”

The evolution of foreign visitors has gone from 408,449 in 2010 to 668,117 in 2017, while the number of businesses has increased from 737 in 2014 to 1,447 in 2017, according to a business census conducted in 2017 in the historic center. We talk about orange economy businesses, which have creativity as a source.

The development of the Ciudad Colonial brand is part of the presidential goal of achieving 10 million tourists by 2022, presented by Danilo Medina.



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