By Kaitlyn Wylde

(Bustle) — If you want to plan a beach vacation but can’t decide on a location that’s both adventurous and relaxing, consider this idea: take a snorkeling trip and get the best of both worlds. Some of the best places to snorkel around the world may only be a short flight from where you live — and there’s no more epic of a vacation than one that lets you explore an entirely different world under the sea.

While going scuba diving requires getting certification and boating requires actually renting a boat, snorkeling requires nothing more than a small, inexpensive piece of equipment that your resort might even offer you for free. It’s a reliable past time during which time you are sure to see something beautiful. Plus, it’s suitable for all ages and swimmers, and it can be easily modified to suit anyones oceanic preferences.

You can spend one vacation day snorkeling, or tailor your whole trip around the sport and let it guide you to different waters so you can learn more about what’s underwater. While most people spend their time on land, snorkeling allows you to flip your vacation game upside down.

Here are some of the best places to go if you want to have a snorkel-forward vacation.

Silver Bank, Dominican Republic

If you go snorkeling in Silver Bank, you just might get to see a Humpback Whale, which would probably be one of the most epic things you could possibly see when snorkeling.

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