By Tracey Minkin

(Coastal Living) — Ready for your dream life to begin? These amazing locations, from little beach towns to humming coastal cities, from sweet domestic islands to expat escapes, are ready for you.

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Population: 39,221
Sunny Days Per Year: 245

Talk about a fantasy commute: Leave New York in the morning and be on the beach in Las Terrenas, on the Dominican Republic’s northeast coast, for lunch. If sun, sand, and aquamarine waters are your life’s top priorities, this little beach town tucked among the palms is a dream realized. The community, long a favorite with French and Italian expats, has an upmarket European feel. And with reasonable real estate prices and a strong rental market, your financial outlook is as sunny as the weather forecast.

Your One Thing: Open your days with authentic French breads and local conversation at Boulangerie Française.

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