Ziplining in Dominican Republic (photo by Nick Argires, courtesy of Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism)

As the second-largest country in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a diverse location with an endless amount of excursion opportunities. Since excursions, by definition, are short day trips, you won’t get to experience all there is to do, so plan your itinerary around your location and preferences.

Naturally, the Dominican Republic has plenty of pristine beaches for tourists to enjoy; however, the varied geographic features make the country perfect for athletic activities.

The Dominican Republic is famous for having some of the best golf courses, so you may want to spend a sunny afternoon teeing off. Other athletic activities include ziplining, hiking, caving, rock-climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding and rafting.

Vigorous activities are not for everyone, though. Instead, you may want to spend an afternoon exploring the culture and scenery of the country. The Dominican Republic is home to many museums that cover history, geography, precious stones, chocolate, baseball, rum, Dominican family life, architecture and much more.

The island also houses prestigious theaters such as Eduardo Brito National Theater, Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Cibao Grand Theater. Other iconic sights include the capital of Santo Domingo, the ruins of La Isabela and the country’s only UNESCO Biosphere.

PHOTO: El Limon waterfall, Dominican Republic.











Rum and cigars are iconic to the Dominican Republic. With a huge selection of distilleries, cigar lounges, cigar factories and tobacco plantations, you’ll have no problem exploring this part of Dominican culture.

Baseball lovers are in luck, as this is the country’s most beloved sport. If you visit the Dominican Republic from mid-October to late January, you can watch one of the six major teams in the country.

Nature-lovers, meanwhile, can take advantage of any of the island’s inland safaris or take a tour through one of the numerous national parks to catch a glimpse of local wildlife.

More leisurely walks can be taken through plantation trails that can be found all over, while active hikes can be taken to view the stunning natural waterfalls in the mountains. The rainforests also contain a number of cenotes and spring-fed pools where you can take a dip and cool off from the hot weather.

PHOTO: Surfasana retreat in the Dominican Republic.










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