Good Morning America, Travel, June 11, 2018

Now hear this: Wellness isn’t just for well-to-do 1 percenters.

Increasingly, self-care has become accessible to everyone, whether that’s through a free meditation app or a bike-share program. But there’s one aspect of health and wellness that still feels reserved for the ultra-rich — the restorative getaway.

Plenty of seasoned travelers think a sunny, unplugged vacation full of healthy food, feel-good exercise, and quality hammock time is solely for folks with private-jet money. Don’t believe it.

At Oyster, we know that restful, healthy getaways come in all budgets. And there are plenty of properties where you can recharge your batteries for the price of a road trip. Check out our eight favorites below.

1. The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Costa Rica


2. Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua


3. Natura Cabana Boutique Hotel & Spa, Dominican Republic

Parked on one of the Dominican Republic’s best beaches, Natura Cabana would be a restorative getaway just for its location alone. But combined with outstanding fresh food, regular yoga classes, and a fantastic spa, it’s hard to top. Guests can either get active — rolling out their yoga mats in the open-air pavilion, horseback riding on trails, or trekking to waterfalls — or they can nap on the beach or wander down garden paths. Both camps fuel up on dishes like airy pancakes and local coffee for breakfast and ceviche or sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Every room here comes decked out with a hammock or swing, and rates are regularly below the $200 mark. (…)

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