Swing along a zip line next to a waterfall at Scape Park. (Cynthia McLeod)

By Cynthia McLeod, March 27, 2019

The two men working the podium ask which way I want to glide through the air before plummeting into the crystal blue water below.

My zip line options this hot and sunny day at Scape Park in the Dominican Republic are a rope with an array of knots to grip with my hands and feet, or another with a monkey bar to grasp and dangle from.

Knowing my upper-body strength limitations, and not wanting to immediately plunge from the highest point of the Water Splash Circuit, I choose the Tarzan route. After all, he swung across the jungle without knots, right? So how hard could it be?

With my eyes shut and after several false starts while I summoned some courage, I stepped off the platform and clung to that rope for dear life, desperately waiting for the whistle alerting me it was time to let go and plunge into the water.

It felt like forever, but when the shrill blast finally came and I let go to send myself into the refreshing pool with a splash, I felt like I was queen of the jungle.

Plenty of adventure awaits at Scape Park, the ecological facility we ventured to via an early morning shuttle from our resort, Occidental Punta Cana. Among the sites to explore: A cave and a cenote with the most turquoise waters you can swim in, a cultural route to enlighten visitors of the D.R.’s history, and local exotic animals and plants, like the ‘shameplant’ which shrinks when touched.

There also is access to a private beach, which you can be shuttled to when you long to feel the sand back between your toes. (…)


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