Mia Taylor, Travel Pulse, May 12, 2018

When airline passengers disembark at the Santo Domingo airport, they’re greeted by the message, written vibrantly on a wall: “Welcome to the Dominican Republic, where the ocean is always near and the mountains are never far.”

From its stunning perch on a picturesque bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Luxury Bahia Principe Samana appears to be the very embodiment of this idea.

The hotel offers sweeping views of the ocean at nearly every turn and the beach is just a few steps away. Just beyond the hotel gates, there are rainforests, rolling mountains and picturesque valleys.

The Luxury Bahia Principe Samana is located on the Dominican Republic’s northeastern coast, on the Samana Peninsula, an area of the country that remains largely undiscovered by rank and file tourists.

Legend has it that long ago pirates discovered the area and would hide in Samana’s lush, palm-filled forests, on its isolated beaches and in its many caves. Later, European and Haitian troops competed over its deep water, protected bay.

Those early arrivals aside, Samana, much to its benefit, continues to be a place where only a small number of visitors venture. (…)


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