When planning a family vacation, a stay in the Dominican Republic is a great choice. But finding the right option to fit your needs can require some searching if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for.

If you are traveling abroad to the Dominican Republic, you may want to consider learning a bit of Spanish. Although the use of the English language is very prevalent within the country, if you are unfamiliar with Spanish, then you may experience a language barrier. As the native language of the land, learning Spanish will ensure that you can communicate with the natives. Even if you are not fluent in the language, learning a few words can take you a long way. If not, you may have to rely on tour guides and the hotel staff to communicate your needs. Using apps such as duolingo.com a few months before your vacations may help you.

Another tip to consider involves transferring your currency. Although many locations in the Dominican Republic accept the US dollar as a form of payment, you may want to consider transferring some of your money into the local currency. This will guarantee that you have access to all kinds of entertainment and services. If you forgot to complete this step before arriving at your destination, do not worry. Most resort locations in the Dominican Republic have foreign currency exchange offices or ATMs on their grounds. These locations will allow you to transfer your money into the local currency through a fast and easy process.












Given that the Dominican Republic is typically hot all year round, you may want to pack accordingly. While you may want to leave your heavy coats and boots at home, make sure you bring along some sunscreen and shorts. You may also want to consider packing a pair of shades to protect your eyes. With these summer friendly items, you can rest assured that the heat does not ruin your vacation time. Furthermore, it is important to remember, the Dominican Republic is a lot warmer in the summer months.

In addition to considering the food that will be served at your villa, you may also want to discover the fine cuisine that is offered in the Dominican Republic. The region is known for its unique and decadent cuisines. Therefore, it is highly recommended that visitors try everything the country has to offer; including their fried bananas, yuca, and tropical fruits, among many other options.

Another recommendation for your trip to the Dominican Republic is to purchase a few souvenirs. As with any other vacation, taking home a souvenir will give you something special to remember. The Dominican Republic has a multitude of souvenir shops for visitors. Consider purchasing some delicious Dominican coffee or a nice shirt. Whatever you choose, make sure your souvenir is something special to remind you of the great memories.




















In addition to all the tips provided below, it is also highly recommended that you relax on your vacation and have a little fun. While it is easy to let the small intricate details of planning your trip overwhelm you, remember the reason you are taking the trip. Luckily, the Dominican Republic has a tranquil atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. Be sure to take your time while you take it all in on your vacation. Here are those tips we mentioned!














1. The first decision to make is location. There are multiple options to choose from depending on what you and your group want to get out of your vacation. Dominican Republic villas can be located directly on the beach, or on a hilltop looking over the ocean, or 2 or 3 rows away. Whichever option you pick depends on your budget and the importance of location to you.














2. Along with choosing how close to the ocean you want your villa, you also have to choose where in the Dominican Republic you want to stay. According to travel.usnews.com, Punta Cana is arguably the most famous vacation spot, but Samaná is another beautiful region with rental prices of about 30 to 50% cheaper. Cabrera on the north coast also holds luxury villas for consideration, and Casa de Campo holds a particularly private and VIP experience.











4. Service in your villa can include choosing a meal plan, which also varies depending on your budget. Villas are self-catering unless a personal chef is paid for, which can be included in the price for more high-end villas. The most expensive villas can come with the entire kitchen staff and a mandatory meal plan.
















5. Your fifth decision will be on the number of bedrooms needed. Your decision will be based on the amount needed for your entire group, but unlike regular hotel rooms most villas only come with king-sized beds in each room. This is no issue if your group doesn’t mind sharing, but if you want different configurations your best option would be to consult a travel agent as other options are scarce.













6. One of the most important things, and the biggest impact on the rest of your decisions, is your budget. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend will make certain choices easier, as a stricter budget will limit your options for more than a budget that is much larger.














7. The last tip is very specific and only applies to those looking to book villas for an event or a romantic beach wedding. An all-inclusive Dominican Republic villa may seem like a fantastic choice, but it is important to look into rules and regulations regarding these kinds of events. Some villas may charge extra fees or offer restrictions on group size and event type. Other villas don’t allow these events at all, so it is best to consult your wedding planner or travel agent.
















Vacation in the Dominican Republic in 2020 – 7 Tips

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