Because of its proximity to Santo Domingo, Boca Chica is considered the capital’s main beach. Stretching a near mile long with brilliant, white sand, this bustling stretch is well protected by a large coral reef, and its shallow turquoise waters—not more than four feet in depth, and often compared to a giant natural pool—make it a favorite swimming spot for families. Annual sailing and beach volleyball tournaments also take place in Boca Chica.

The quintessential Boca Chica experience includes feasting on fresh fish and seafood, from a row of fish fry shacks, or at one of numerous beachfront restaurants, toes buried in sand. The sandy stretch is also lined with a variety of small and large-sized hotels, primarily in the heart of town and facing Boca Chica beach. On the eastern edge of town, a handful of upscale beach clubs offer seafront dining and swimming off lounge decks.

Across Boca Chica’s shoreline, you can spot La Matica—a mangrove cay that serves as a bird roosting and nesting site for many species, including herons. It’s a short wade over from the main beach to reach it.

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Boca Chica

A forty-minute drive east of Santo Domingo, this white sand beach town offers authentic Dominican bustle: hotels and restaurants line the sand, vendors hawk wares, and fry fish shacks sell plates of red snapper, tostones, and yaniqueques.

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