This small white sand caye lies across the corner from El Morro, just a couple of minutes off the coast of Montecristi, easily accessible by boat for a day out enjoying soft sand, calm turquoise seas, and seclusion near town. There’s no development here, save for a small lighthouse tower, and that’s the beauty of it. Bring your own snacks, swim amid small fish scurrying around your feet in clear waters, and pretend you’re on your own private island. Excursions to Isla Cabra are often included on tours of Montecristi’s coastline.

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Cayo Arena

Cayo Arena offers schools of tropical fish that can also easily be seen in shallow turquoise waters, making this spot a paradise for snorkeling fans; the area boasts some of the most abundant marine life in the DR, with corals and sponges, and schools of tropical fish swimming around your feet.

Montecristi, Puerto Plata

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