The private beach club near Samaná city offers changing rooms, a restaurant, nice bathrooms and rental loungers. Day passes available.

Beaches in Samaná


La Playita

Off the beaten track of Las Galeras village, La Playita is lovely white sand, crescent shaped stretch shallow enough to walk for several feet. With a beachfront casual restaurant–crystal clear azure waters, and distant views of Playa Rincón, it is a favorite among those who find its shores.

Las Galeras, Samaná

Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita is as pretty as its name suggests–a crescent-shaped, cozy white sand beach lined with a variety of boutique hotels, villas, and restaurants. The western edge of the beach is as still as a swimming pool, while the eastern side offers active waves for the adventurous.

Las Terrenas, Samaná

Playa Cosón

Among the top three most stunning beaches on the Samaná Peninsula, this golden, soft-sand stretch is ideal for long walks, popular for kitesurfing–with on-site classes–and body surfing, and there are a handful of boutique hotels flanking its western and eastern sides.

Las Terrenas, Samaná

Playa El Limón

Few visitors make it to the pristine, brilliant white shores of Playa El Limón; make the effort to reach Playa El Limón and you’ll enjoy one of the peninsula’s quietest stretches. For more adventure, hop on a hiking excursion that will take you to this beach by wading your way down the Limón River.

Samaná, Beaches, Family-Friendly

Playa El Valle

Flanked by towering bluffs, and dotted with fishermen canoes, the undeveloped Playa El Valle is a great spot to get away from the crowds. Enjoy a seafood lunch on the beach, and take long hikes amid this rugged landscape while fishers bring in their catch or head out to sea.

Samaná, Beaches, Family-Friendly

Playa Frontón

Reached by boat from Las Galeras, Playa Frontón’s stunning shoreline is a sight for sore eyes. Its brilliant fine white sand sits at the foot of a 90 meter (300-foot) metamorphic, rocky cliff, with its shoreline dotted with bright green coconut trees.

Las Galeras, Samaná

Playa Las Ballenas

This spacious, wide white sand stretch with a shallow, calm sea sits right in the heart of Las Terrenas’s small town. Lined in part by hotels, villas, bars, and restaurants, on either side of the beach, it offers plenty of shade, and shallow waters ideal for families.

Las Terrenas, Samaná

Playa Las Galeras

Las Galeras is a beautiful white sand stretch that holds its own, good for swims and cold drinks, as well as surfing on its western side. The atmosphere gets livelier at sunset, when the fishermen and the tour boats return at the end of the day, and everyone gathers for dominoes at sunset.

Las Galeras, Samaná

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