Located inside the exclusive Puntacana Resort & Club complex, this 1,500 acre nature reserve and ecological park is open to the public, for a small entrance fee, to enjoy its enchanting, shaded hiking trails that wind through a lush tropical forest, and lead towards a series of 12 freshwater lagoons. Most of them are swimmable, and the surrounding scenery is spectacular at each turn. The most popular lagoon for swimming has a wooden deck, and a diving platform for those who wish to leap into the turquoise and emerald fresh waters. In addition to an abundance of flora, the reserve is also a habitat of hundreds of bird species and iguanas. Combine a trip here with a visit to the nearby Puntacana Ecological Foundation, to see their beekeeping and worm composting projects.

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Boca de Yuma

Boca de Yuma offers a daytime escape to a scenic Dominican fishing village. Boasting panoramic cliff top views, it has often been compared to an Italian seaside town, where restaurants, bars, and shacks line up above the sea. The Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León once had a home in the area.

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Casa Ponce de León

How often do you get to step into the home of a 16th century Spanish explorer? Juan Ponce de León’s residence continues to stand in the southeastern town of San Rafael de Yuma, close to Higüey, where he lived before heading out into the seas to conquer neighboring Puerto Rico.

La Romana, Punta Cana

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