This modern Roman Catholic Church towers over La Vega’s central square and Parque Duarte, with its imposing grey stone design. The church took 15 years to build, and was completed in 1992. The exterior walls were painted grey to express man’s limited capacity to reflect divine illumination. The cathedral is one of the few in the world where the statue of Christ–this one standing 5 meters (15 feet) high–is portrayed as already having resurrected and not dying on the cross. The cathedral, one of the largest in the Dominican Republic, can accommodate more than 1,000 worshippers.

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Constanza Spring Festival

Celebrated every year, the Constanza Spring Festival is an event that brings together many of the leading farming and tourism businesses of Constanza for a weekend of presentations, talks and exhibits at the Club Japonés in Constanza. It is a good opportunity to see the people and products of the region in an informal and fun atmosphere.

Constanza, Iconic Sights

El Mogote

Hiking El Mogote is a physically challenging but immersive experience. The three-hour climb takes you to this 1,163 meter (3,815 feet) high peak, taking you along a very steep hike through thick pine forests and vegetation and onto steep, rocky dirt slopes all the way to the top.

Jarabacoa, Family-Friendly, Hiking

Festival de las Flores

Every June, visitors and locals alike gather for the weekend Jarabacoa Flower Festival held in the park off Avenida la Confluencia. Exotic and rare flowers, traditional homemade foods and beverages, arts and crafts, tropical plants, and more items made in La Vega province are for sale.

Jarabacoa, Iconic Sights

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