Journey to the city of San Pedro de Macorís, 15 minutes’ drive east from Juan Dolio, for an informative visit to Barceló’s distillery–one of the top rum brands in the country. Opened in 2012, the Barceló Rum Historical Center offers a comprehensive museum display on the history of rum making in the country, its role in the culture, and Barceló’s manufacturing process. You’ll even tour the rum barrel storage areas, get to taste the various Barceló varieties of rum at the beautiful on-site bar, and shop for your favorites before leaving.

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Estadio Tetelo Vargas

From mid-October to the end of January it’s baseball time in the Dominican Republic. The Estrellas Orientales is the San Pedro de Macorís baseball team. This means several times a week during the season there will be games with the best of Dominican Winter Professional Baseball League playing 15 minutes away from Juan Dolio.

Juan Dolio, Iconic Sights

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