Perched over 700 meters (2,500 feet) above sea level, this highland municipality is renowned for its organic coffee production, blessed with the perfect soil and weather conditions to create a rich, dark blend exported overseas. Every year around the month of October, Polo celebrates its harvest with Festicafé, a lively organic coffee festival which also promotes environmental conservation. The drive up to this scenic mountainous area is part of the attraction, including a stop at the optical illusion known as the Polo Magnético–a phenomenon where cars appear to roll up a magnetic portion of hilly road when put in reverse. Take your time on the area’s winding, scenic roads and see an unexpected side of the Dominican Republic, with cooler temperatures to match.

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Cabral is best known for its colorful carnival at the end of Easter, when the Cachúa characters dress in bat-like costumes and unfold impressive whips as they go in pursuit of the demons from Thursday to the Monday after Easter Week. Close by is La Lista, a small town famous for its wooden rocking chairs and other arts and crafts from wood. Some 22 workshops fill the town.

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Cafeto Madre

Cafeto Madre is another option for a coffee trail in the mountains of Polo. Local guides will take you hiking across multiple trails leading to the coffee plantation. You could also combine an excursion to the nearby cloud forest of Cachote while you’re there.

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