Glimpse the Rio Chavón’s dramatic gorge, flanked by cliffs and verdant vegetation, and you’ll quickly understand why this natural site has been featured in motion picture movies like Apocalypse Now, Jurrasic Park, and Rambo. This winding body of water meets the sea on the Altos de Chavón village side all the way to the Casa de Campo Marina, giving it an even more beautiful setting. Speedboat, kayak and canoe excursions are available year round to see and feel the river’s spectacular jungle scenery up close. If you’re lucky, you will spot fresh water turtles.

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The scenic fishing town of Bayahíbe is an attraction in and of itself; Bayahíbe retains its Dominican pulse, from its local restaurants and bars to its street side arts and crafts stalls, and fishermen who bring catch daily.

Bayahíbe, La Romana

Casa Ponce de León

How often do you get to step into the home of a 16th century Spanish explorer? Juan Ponce de León’s residence continues to stand in the southeastern town of San Rafael de Yuma, close to Higüey, where he lived before heading out into the seas to conquer neighboring Puerto Rico.

La Romana, Punta Cana

Cueva del Peñón

The Caves of Peñón reveal the richest underwater marine life in Bayahíbe. The sea flows through this series of dramatic, rugged caverns lined along the western edge of Cotubanamá National Park.

Bayahíbe, La Romana

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