Near Santo Cerro and before reaching the city of La Vega, you will spot the highway exit leading to the archeological ruins of the original town Christopher Columbus founded in 1494, classified as a national park. With a population of Spaniards, Columbus had settled here in his search for gold along the Río Verde, in the Cibao Valley. Archaeologists continue to study the excavated foundations of the old city–declared a protected site in 1976–once prosperous between 1505 and 1510, including the Fuerte de la Concepción fort built in 1494. After hiking the ruins, tour the museum which houses numerous pieces of Taino and Spanish heritage.

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Constanza Spring Festival

Celebrated every year, the Constanza Spring Festival is an event that brings together many of the leading farming and tourism businesses of Constanza for a weekend of presentations, talks and exhibits at the Club Japonés in Constanza. It is a good opportunity to see the people and products of the region in an informal and fun atmosphere.

Constanza, Iconic Sights

El Mogote

Hiking El Mogote is a physically challenging but immersive experience. The three-hour climb takes you to this 1,163 meter (3,815 feet) high peak, taking you along a very steep hike through thick pine forests and vegetation and onto steep, rocky dirt slopes all the way to the top.

Jarabacoa, Family-Friendly, Hiking

Festival de las Flores

Every June, visitors and locals alike gather for the weekend Jarabacoa Flower Festival held in the park off Avenida la Confluencia. Exotic and rare flowers, traditional homemade foods and beverages, arts and crafts, tropical plants, and more items made in La Vega province are for sale.

Jarabacoa, Iconic Sights

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