Just like its adjacent Armando Bermúdez National Park, yet less explored, this is one of the country’s first national parks and protected areas. Stretching across three provinces at 764 square kilometers (295 square miles), the park was named after a prominent Dominican general. Flora and fauna abound, from pine and broadleaf forests to cedar trees, rodents, hogs, and harmless grass snakes. Birding is ideal here–you can spot numerous species that thrive at high altitude, including the endangered Golden Swallow, the Hispaniolan parakeet, the Hispaniolan parrot, and the black-throated Blue warbler, among many others. The park also provides an alternative entry point to the two- or three-day hike leading to Pico Duarte.

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El Mogote

Hiking El Mogote is a physically challenging but immersive experience. The three-hour climb takes you to this 1,163 meter (3,815 feet) high peak, taking you along a very steep hike through thick pine forests and vegetation and onto steep, rocky dirt slopes all the way to the top.

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La Ciénaga

La Ciénaga is one of the most scenic riverside villages and serves as a gateway to the journey towards Pico Duarte. Spend an authentic day out in a mountainside village, taking in the verdant mountain scenery and agricultural life, and colorful wooden homes dotting the landscape.

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