Santo Domingo boasts the most comprehensive shopping scene in all of the Dominican Republic. Past the typical souvenir stores, the Colonial City is replete with uniquely stocked arts and crafts galleries, carrying Dominican art, textiles, and jewelry made from amber and larimar. The city center offers modern shopping malls—Blue Mall and Ágora Mall are among the most popular—equal in size and setting to those found in Europe or North America, offering multiple brand designer apparel, technology stores, 3D movie theaters, food courts, and other services. Aside from malls, you will find specialty cigar shops such as La Leyenda del Cigarro, where you can watch a cigar roller at work, and Arturo Fuente, an upscale cigar lounge combining cocktails and bites. Other shopping hubs include general and gourmet supermarkets, household appliances stores, as well as Chinese discount stores and outdoor flea markets. Whatever you’re looking for, you will find it in La Capital.

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Other attractions in Santo Domingo


Boca Chica

A forty-minute drive east of Santo Domingo, this white sand beach town offers authentic Dominican bustle: hotels and restaurants line the sand, vendors hawk wares, and fry fish shacks sell plates of red snapper, tostones, and yaniqueques.

Santo Domingo, Family-Friendly

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