Uncover the history of Cuba’s independence in this remote northwest corner of the DR. Once the 19th century home of Dominican General Máximo Gómez, the small, single story residence turned museum houses key historical documents related to Cuba’s independence, artifacts, and personal objects that once belonged to Cuban writer and politician José Martí, and Máximo Gómez. This is also where Martí and Máximo Gómez signed the Montecristi Manifesto in 1895, an instrumental document that laid out Cuba’s independence from Spain.

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Reloj de Montecristi

The clock tower in Montecristi’s town square, shaped like a mini-version of the Eiffel Tower, was designed by French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel Tower-fame, and built by famous French clockmaker Jean-Paul Garnier.

Montecristi, Iconic Sights

Sea Salt Ponds

Before arriving in the heart of town are Montecristi’s renowned salt ponds. You can tour the area to see how sea salt is made; seawater is concentrated in shallow, man-made ponds before the seawater evaporates, leaving behind large salt crystals that are then transformed into table salt.

Montecristi, Iconic Sights

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