Playa Arena Gorda

Playa Arena Gorda is flanked on either side by all-inclusive resorts, including the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Its wide shore with thick, white sands and turquoise waves make it a favorite spot [...]

Playa Costambar

Playa Costambar, a gorgeous golden sand beach, offers the ideal daytime escape with plenty of restaurants and bars lining the shore. Swimming here is safe, in turquoise waters with a little wave [...]

Playa Ensenada

Located just before Punta Rucia, Playa Ensenada is a favorite gathering spot of families on the weekends, for its perfectly white sand beach, ultra-shallow blue waters, and rows of frituras or [...]

Playa Alicia

Playa Alicia is one of the DR’s most recent beaches, formed over the last decade from sand shifting over to this location. Also known as the “miracle beach,” its ultra-wide, blond stretch sits [...]

Long Beach

While Puerto Plata’s city waterfront is lined with multiple beaches, the most social of them all is Long Beach. Weekend crowds flock here, particularly near sunset and into the night to enjoy the [...]

Playa Cambiaso

Reaching the spectacular white sand of Playa Cambiaso is worth the effort, as this wide stretch is lined with coconut palms, while donkeys graze at the back and a couple of local restaurants [...]

Playa Diamante

This light white sand beach is not what you expect: a river flows so near, it gives the sand a soft, spongy texture, while the sea is a mixture of cold and warm from one end to the other.

Playa Minitas

Casa de Campo Resort’s Playa Minitas is home to the beautifully designed Minitas Beach Club, boasting a 23-meter infinity pool, and panoramic sea views from its Latin Mediterranean restaurant, [...]

Playa Portillo

Lined with resorts and villas, Playa Portillo begins at the entrance of Las Terrenas town, stretching all the way east as the first part of the whopping five kilometer long coastline. Its soft [...]