Puerto Plata Dining

La Parrillada is one of the oldest in town. Lucia in Casa Colonial, Mares and La Tarappa are some popular suggestions for restaurants in Puerto Plata. Waterfront and Las Palmas in Sosúa. Head out [...]

Punta Cana Dining

Resorts offer a selection of buffet and a-la-carte dining. Several have a Dominican restaurant, but most will dedicate at least one night per week to typical Dominican food. There are dozens of [...]

Samaná Dining

Restaurants in Samaná pride themselves on serving fresh fish from Samaná and shrimp from Sánchez. Fishermen bring in the catch of the day to Las Terrenas and Las Galeras beaches, where guests [...]

Santiago Dining

The wealthy head for the gourmet restaurants in the Los Jardines Metropolitanos area for international cuisine. But in that area, La Comai stands out for its very Dominican food. A visit to [...]

Santo Domingo Dining

The cosmopolitan city of Santo Domingo is constantly reinventing itself. New restaurants open every month, catering to the demanding local crowds. Eating out is big in Santo Domingo, a city that [...]

Boca Chica Dining

Seafood, Italian and Dominican is the cuisine of Boca Chica. Large seafood restaurants promise good food with a view to remember. Dozens of Italians have moved there to open small hotels and [...]

Constanza Dining

Ask for dishes that have carrots, beets, potatoes, broccoli or cauliflower, and strawberries that are grown in Constanza. Popular eateries include Pizzeria Restaurant Antojitos de Lauren, [...]

La Vega Dining

El Zaguán, Vega Mall and El Naranjo Restaurant serve Dominican food in town. Rarus Bar & Restaurant caters to visitors to the Santo Cerro Church. Thanks to La Vega’s rich farming tradition, [...]

La Romana Dining

Chefs have the advantage of fresh ingredients all year round. La Romana is a major meat-producing center for the country. Melons are produced at the large farm in the area. Smaller restaurants [...]

Jarabacoa Dining

It is easy to find a good place for eating out in Jarabacoa. Roast pork and grilled meats will tempt you at the many paradors along the main road leading into town, such as the Restaurante Oli [...]

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