Museo de las Atarazanas Reales (MAR)

The Museum of Royal Atarazanas (MAR), is a space that houses the most important underwater archeology exhibition in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Americas. MAR opened in 2019 with the [...]

Casa de Arte

The north coast’s most recent cultural center doubling as a museum and an educational arts and crafts hub. Located in the heart of Sosúa’s beach town, Casa de Arte rotates paintings and sculpture [...]

Casa de la Cultura

Casa de La Cultura is one of the oldest intellectual hubs and cultural institutions in Puerto Plata, rebuilt at the turn of the 20th century and now hosting key art and cultural events, from [...]


Chocomuseo provides a quick museum-style display and guided tour on the history of Dominican cacao, one of the country’s top-four exports, as well as the chocolate-making process from tree to bar.

Yucayeke Museo Indígena

The Yucayeke Museo Indígena recreates life scenes in a model Taino village. Complete with “bohios,” or traditional thatch huts, there are displays of items used in everyday life tasks, dance [...]

Casa de Tostado

This colonial home restored into a museum showcases the lifestyle of 19th century middle class Dominican families, with model displays of bedroom and library furniture to a charcoal oven kitchen, [...]

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