Río Jamao

Located south of the Puerto Plata province, the Río Jamao reveals some of the DR’s most beautiful natural scenery, where you can hike surrounded with forests, and swim in fresh river pools.

Río Yasica

Flowing down from the mountains just outside of Cabarete, the Yásica river provides a world of water fun. Go tubing, kayaking to explore its lush shores, or paddle boarding.

Río Damajagua

Running through the North Coast, the Río Damajagua is best known for the 27 waterfalls, and the fresh water pools it fills as it gushes through Puerto Plata’s highlands and onto its plains.

Río Chavón

This winding body of water meets the sea on the Altos de Chavón village side, all the way to the Casa de Campo Marina. Speedboat, kayak and canoe excursions are available year round to see and [...]

Río El Limón

Go canyoning, swimming through nine cascades on the way to the falls of El Limón. The river also flows down to the heart of El Limón town, forming a small freshwater pool where residents cool [...]

Río Caño Frío

This stunning emerald-colored river doubles as a popular natural swimming pool where it meets the ocean on the western end of Playa Rincón. Residents and visitors love to cool off here, before or [...]

Río Yuna

The second largest body of water in the DR, the Río Yuna forms in the central and mountainous Cibao Valley, snaking its way east into Samaná Bay. Its abundant waters are nutrient rich, providing [...]

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