Barahona Nightlife

Casual yet lively, Barahona’s nightlife reveals a slice of Dominican culture. In town, you’ll find a handful of sports bars and lounges along the Malecón, open from sunset until the early hours [...]

La Ciénega

A charming coastal fishing village, La Ciénaga offers the opportunity to experience an artisan marmalade making workshop, using fresh fruits collected from the Sierra de Bahoruco, and hiking [...]

Playa Casita Blanca

Located right within city limits, and lining part of the seafront boulevard, Playa Casita Blanca’s calm Caribbean waters are decent for a swim and an afternoon cool off. Several hotels line the [...]

Playa Azul

Sitting at the foot of towering cliffs, and reached via a staircase from a hotel above the beach, this romantic cove has a part pebble stone and part white sand beach with turquoise waters and [...]

Playa Paraíso

A striking white beach lining turquoise waters, Paraíso offers cool breezes at sunrise, when fishers take off from its shores for the day, and at sunset. Its currents aren’t for the average [...]

Playa La Ciénega

Facing a beautiful bay, this lively beach is dotted with fishermen canoes, and fills up with families after sunset and on the weekends. Partly rocky waters attract small fish and are safe enough [...]