La Vega Vieja

Near Santo Cerro, discover the archeological ruins of the original town Christopher Columbus founded in 1494, classified as a national park. Archaeologists continue to study the excavated [...]

La Vega Carnival

Consider visiting in February to take part in the outstanding La Vega Carnival. Every year an estimated half a million people flock to the city of La Vega to watch the mischievous devils “diablo [...]

Visit Jarabacoa

An easily accessible mountain resort area, Jarabacoa sits at an altitude of 1,736 feet (529 meters) and is a favorite with Santo Domingo residents seeking the cooler temperatures and mental [...]

Visit Constanza

Constanza is a prime agricultural area in the center of the country, surrounded by four large national parks with the highest mountains in the Caribbean. Often called the Switzerland of the [...]

La Vega Shopping

La Vega is a city with almost 400,000 inhabitants so expect all the basic conveniences to be available in the downtown area. Look for carnival souvenirs sold to the around half a million tourists [...]

La Vega Dining

El Zaguán, Vega Mall and El Naranjo Restaurant serve Dominican food in town. Rarus Bar & Restaurant caters to visitors to the Santo Cerro Church. Thanks to La Vega’s rich farming tradition, [...]