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Whale Watching Season at the Silver Bank

Мар 31, 2021 - Апр 15, 2021

Join us for an expedition at the world’s largest mating & calving grounds, the Silver Bank of the Dominican Republic. In this spectacular surface activity, you will have the option to swim & snorkel with North Atlantic humpback whales. Get ready to observe whales playing, vying for each other’s attention, nursing and jumping. Professional guides instruct tourists on whale etiquette, allowing the whales to choose when they interact and to set the terms of the interaction. The Silver Bank Sanctuary, situated roughly 80 nautical miles north of resort city of Puerto Plata, is one of only two areas in the entire world where nature lovers can experience an in-water encounter with humpback whales.


Мар 31, 2021
Апр 15, 2021
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Пуэрто-Плата, Самана

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