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Cotuí Carnival 2020

Фев 27

The carnival troupes of Cotuí are among the most anticipated of the National Carnival Parade and of the regional carnivals due to their great creativity and diversity of characters. Among their main costumes are: Las Damiselas, Los Platanuses, Los Papeluses, Los Funduses, Alegoría a Cayena en papel, Califé en papel, Dominicanas, Muñecas de papel, Roba la Gallina fantasía en papel, Roba La Gallina, Hombre de Zancos, el Muerto de Apoplejía, Hombre Vaina, Príncipe Africano, Tiznaos, El Mediodía, La Litera, El Muerto con su Perplegía, La Culebra y sus Siete Pecados, La Muerte en Zanco, el General Cocotico, among others. The famous Juan Francisco Vásquez, known as “Juampa”, has become an emblematic figure of the Carnival of Cotuí and the whole country for his majestic costumes, which surprise us every year with a new creation.


Фев 27
Событие рубрики:
Искусство + Культура, Музыка + Фестивали

Место проведения

Cotuí, Dominican Republic
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