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Santo Domingo National Poetry Festival

Ноя 7 - Ноя 13

The 1st. Santo Domingo National Poetry Festival 2019 will have events in the National District and in the province of Santo Domingo. 35 poets and essayists from Argentina, France, Spain, the United States, Haiti, Peru, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic will participate. The event will be dedicated to the 70’s Poetic Generation. During this celebration, the 1st International Seminar on Poetry and Poetics will take place, which will consist of an inaugural keynote conference and 24 exhibitions of prominent foreign and native writers, free of charge. There will also be poetry readings in cultural centers, libraries, universities, public spaces and schools, seminar sessions, recitals, performances, workshops, conferences, televised debates, musical concerts, as well as the presentation and book signing.


Ноя 7
Ноя 13
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