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Gastronomic, The Art Of Eating – Gastronomic Popup

Авг 1, 2019 - Авг 3, 2019

We take you to three of the most celebrated gastronomic destinations on the planet through the senses: Peru, Mexico and Spain, and we do so by presenting the #1 chefs of each country in Santo Domingo. On August 1, 2 and 3, the Mexican José Vallejo, Executive Chef of the Quintonil Restaurant in Mexico City, which was #11 in the world in 2018, according to «The World’s 50 Best Restaurants», brings us a proposal that highlights modern Mexican gastronomy. In this special dinner, we will be enjoying a multisensory experience with colors, flavors, smells and ingredients typical of Mexico. Do not miss this experience with Gastronomic Popup.


Авг 1, 2019
Авг 3, 2019
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