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Asonahores Virtual Trade Show 2020

Ноя 2, 2020 - Ноя 6, 2020

This new 100% digital event will consolidate in an interactive and dynamic way the most important transactions of the Dominican tourism industry. Delegates will be able to hold pre-scheduled business meetings and attend presentations on relevant topics about tourism in the country, presented by a select group of exponents from the public and private sectors. Suppliers and buyers from the tourism sector, local and international press and the general public will participate. Participants will be able to access the program that will group together in a single online platform four events that ASONAHORES organizes annually:

  • DATE: Business exchange where international wholesalers, tour operators, incentive groups, airlines and charter operators meet to do business with the most important tourism providers in the country.
  • Asonahores Commercial Exhibition: Business platform aimed at suppliers of goods and services in the national and international tourism industry with the purpose of exhibiting their products to buyers and directors of the main hotels and restaurants in the country, as well as to related companies.
  • Asonahores Meeting: Training event where representatives and actors of the tourism sector meet to strengthen the industry and promote joint work strategies on the regulations of the Dominican tourism sector.
  • Asonahores Tourism Investment Forum: Platform for the tourism sector to show its vision regarding the growth of the tourism industry, its role as an engine of development of the national economy and its potential, with the purpose of promoting tourism as an attractive investment opportunity.

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